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WHERE I COME FROM: Newspaper business encompasses more than meets the eye

Columnist Linda Albert gives a quick review of newspaper terminology.

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United we stand, divided we keep falling

If you look at the honest to goodness numbers, the election may have been close, the message was a landslide consensus of one people divided by their common frustration.

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REVIEW: 'Nocturnal Animals' a stylish but ultimately convoluted film noir

Editorial Production Manager Amanda Greever reviews "Nocturnal Animals."

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The lessons of my youth

I was privileged last week to attend the 89th birthday party of Coach Bert “Chig” Ratledge. Coach Ratledge was my high school football coach and a huge influence on my life, but more on that later.

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EASY COUPONING: Store loyalty cards make difference on grocery bill

One of the simplest things a shopper can do is have a store loyalty card. Ironically, many do not take advantage of the savings just showing the store loyalty card can bring. You can easily request a store card or update your store loyalty cards with your phone number, mailing address and email address.

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Bits of Stone for June 19, 2016

Even those of us who have experienced it find the past 50 years of change resulting from the electronic age of communication difficult to believe. Can you believe the state-owned log cabin where Sam Houston taught school in 1812 did not have a photograph of him to display? Furthermore, the board had run out of known options of where to find one!

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Moment of unity refreshes spirit

Two Baptist friends and I stepped onto The Appalachian Trail at Clingmans Dome on a Thursday afternoon in April 2012, headed nearly 55 miles away to Max Patch in the midst of a cold rain that was preceded by a hail storm.

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GREAT OUTDOORS: Tucker Buck recognized as pending world record

It is now official: After the 60 day curing period, the 47-point non-typical Sumner County whitetail taken in Tennessee’s muzzleloader season is the pending world record. The original B&C score of 312-3/8 (308-3/8 after deductions) did not change. It is classified “pending” until the Boone & Crockett officials re-measure and confirm it at their awards banquet in 2019.

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Sturgill Simpson sets off a musical explosion on the 'SNL' stage

Weekend editor Steve Wildsmith's entertainment column for Thursday, Jan. 19, 2017.

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