A Greenback man accused of stabbing his girlfriend’s stepfather is in jail after an argument over pickles exploded into a family feud.

Marcos Anthony Colpean, 23, U.S. Highway 411, Greenback, was arrested by Blount County Sheriff’s deputies at 4:45 p.m. after he allegedly stabbed a man and fled on foot.

Colpean’s girlfriend explained to officers that the altercation started over “a big jar of pickles,” an incident report states.

The girlfriend told deputies her mother became upset that there were no pickles left, which led to a family argument. The girlfriend’s mother, who eventually called police, told deputies she and her husband were arguing with Colpean because he was “eating all their food and selling his food stamps.” Ultimately, Colpean and the girlfriend were told to leave her mother’s and stepfather’s house.

When the mother and stepfather began to place their daughter’s and Colpean’s belongings onto the porch, the girlfriend told officers that the stepfather had put his hands around her neck at one point “in an attempt to strangle her.” The deputies did not see marks on the girlfriend’s neck and reported that she said she was not scared of her stepfather.

While the girlfriend had gone inside the house to argue with her mother, she later told officers the stepfather and Colpean remained on the porch arguing. That was when Colpean allegedly stabbed the stepfather on his left foot. The girlfriend said she did not see exactly what happened, but deputies interviewed a minor who had seen a physical altercation between the stepfather and Colpean from a doorway. The minor said he did not see the actual stabbing, the report states.

The victim’s wife said she heard her husband yell that he had been stabbed before the fight stopped and she left the home with him to get medical help.

While the minor and Colpean’s girlfriend were being interviewed, a deputy on patrol spotted Colpean running toward his car. The deputies got out of his car, drew his service weapon and ordered Colpean to put his hands up, the report states.

Deputies arrested Colpean, searched him and found a folding knife in his right pocket as Colpean said that he wanted to turn himself in and “take responsibility for his actions in hopes his girlfriend would be unaffected,” the report states. While he was in intake at the Blount County Jail, deputies overheard Colpean say “I stabbed him, man” on the phone to an unknown person.

Meanwhile, the victim’s mother had driven him to the Dollar General on Montvale Road, Maryville, to meet an ambulance. He was taken to University of Tennessee Medical Center, where he was treated for his injuries and later released.

Colpean was being held on $25,000 bond on a charge of aggravated assault with two additional counts for violation of community corrections and one count of failing to appear in court on a felony charge.

His hearing is set for 9 a.m. March 21 in General Sessions Court.

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