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About HOME:

Billy Strings has been hailed as the future of bluegrass, transcending tradition and genre with his high velocity, flat-picking guitar technique and intense, confessional songwriting. HOME, Strings’ remarkable second studio album, is undoubtedly the Michigan-born, Nashville-based artist’s bravest excursion thus far, completely rewiring bluegrass with elements of punk, country, folk rock, and genuine psychedelic exploration to fashion something altogether his own. Strings has infused the aesthetic with his own experiences and inspirations, adopting traditional sonic and lyrical idioms to confront contemporary social truths. With guest appearances from the likes of Jerry Douglas and Molly Tuttle and produced by Glenn Brown (Greensky Bluegrass, Marcus Miller), HOME marks a landmark on Billy Strings’ ongoing creative journey, its fearless songs and freewheeling approach recasting string-based American music in his own inimitable image.

"Must Be Seven" Lyrics

Dirty broken dishes, cigarette burns on the floor

She held a look of disbelief as she wandered through the door

To have a seat and meet the parents of a child that was heading the wrong way

And it’s probably seven years since she turned around and hit the road that day

Paper tearing off the walls, a rotten moldy sink

When he wandered to the counter just to fix himself a drink

Like there wasn’t something wrong, like he couldn't see the sorrow in the song

And it must be seven years since he tipped his hat and told em’ all "so long”

And she said “Stay on track.

Don’t let me see you lookin’ back.

Never mind what's left behind and don’t look back.

Don’t look back”

Well she was so distracted by the color of the room.

She never thought that she would see this brittle flower bloom-

And take the cards that he was dealt to build a house the big bad wolf could not blow down.

And it must be seven years now, since they turned that life around

The house shrunk in the rearview as they left it far behind

It faded out of sight back to the shadows of her mind

Just like the shards of shattered mirrors , broken pieces scattered o’er the burial grounds

And it must be seven years now, since they got out of that town

Concept / Creation: Kevin Thomma

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Music video by Billy Strings performing Must Be Seven (Animated Video). © 2019 Billy Strings, LLC., under exclusive license to Rounder Records Corp. Distributed by Concord.


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