Big Game Marketing - 15 Lessons From the Field

Fantasy football illustration for Super Bowl LIV report on advertising agencies, campaigns, and review of commercials.

CHICAGO - February 6, 2020 - ( )

 A new report by Chicago-based IP firm Intelliname reveals that a majority of the commercial ads featured during the Big Game this past Sunday missed major opportunities to drive positive engagements to score added points. The illustrative report provides a comprehensive look into how major advertising agencies failed to incorporate creative paths and intuitive experiences that consumers could follow to get the most from brand interactions.

“These are the most expensive advertising slots in the world,” said Robert Davis, Director of Branding. “If there was ever a time for smart thinking on how to maximize forward momentum from each commercial, to guide viewers to the fullest interactive experience, and to showcase innovation using everything technology has to offer - this was absolutely it.”

The report highlights 15 examples where major brands could have utilized alternative communication strategies to create secondary touch points, with focus on intuitive domain names that would add strategic value to the overall messaging for each campaign. The review draws attention specifically to the choices made for how each commercial was ended, and what avenue, if any, was incorporated to enhance viewer participation.

“In general, we saw a lazy mass approach to planning and engagement strategy, especially given the depth of possibilities for secondary videos, personalized environments, and call-to-action opportunities,” commented Davis. “With so many directional options at our fingertips, poorly thought out end caps should never be accepted as the new norm. For the most part, it looks like talented creative work went into visual production, and then fifteen seconds was spent deciding on a random hashtag at the cost of the total experience. Hoping for the slim chance that your hashtag goes viral is not a strategy, especially given the lack of messaging control, competitive influence, and subject hijacking that can take place once released into an online environment. Companies are giving up too much of themselves and their brand identity through poor market execution.”

The full report can be found online at

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Intelliname is the leading specialist worldwide in both the procurement and representation of rare domain names, largely used as messaging anchors within national and global marketing campaigns. The firm operates through a strategic think tank focused primarily on life and process improvements for humanity. Over the past two decades, the private group has leveraged branding and management experience to build power plants, create retail distribution networks, push the boundaries of network programming, and build or help strengthen thousands of brands and industry influencers across numerous market sectors. The intellectual property firm also manages more than 25,000 premium domain names on exclusive assignment, largely assembled from private collectors, domain investors, advertising agencies, and venture capital executives.   

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Smartest review of Super Bowl commercials I've seen online.

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