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This is one of my favorite weekends for shopping. I am always looking for deals when it comes to school shopping and this weekend starts the Tennessee tax-free weekend. This year’s tax-free weekend begins at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, July 27, and ends at 11:59 p.m. Sunday, July 29. This weekend is not just for students; the tax-free weekend is for everyone.

The tax free weekend guidelines are with qualified purchases of $100 or less on clothing items, $100 or less on school supplies and computers $1,500 or less. According to www.tntaxholi, the sales tax-free weekend does have exclusions like jewelry, bags and recreational equipment.

As you can imagine, the stores will be having huge sells this weekend. This is always good news for the perceptive shoppers looking for additional savings during school sales. Additionally, this Sunday, The Daily Times will have a great selection of coupons that will concentrate on school items. Shop with a plan; review your school and office supplies to stock up.

Also, take advantage on clothing items on sale or seasonal clothing for next year. This is especially great for younger children. This year the stores have added additional percent off clothing items and special store bonus bucks.

Remember, as you save money with couponing, make sure you take advantage of your savings with the 52-week money saving plan. This is the 29th week of the year. Place $29 into your savings program. This would leave a new savings balance of $435 toward your year-end goal of $1,378.

Office Depot

Office Depot composition books 50 cents

Textured pencil box 50 cents

Scholastic Standard Crayons 24 pack 45 cents

Crayola Crayon Box, 24 Pack 50 cents

Office Depot 2 pocket folder 15 cents

Just Basics spiral notebook 25 cents

Scholastic kids scissor 5 inch 50 cents

Office Depot wooden ruler 25 cents

Office Depot index cards 50 cents

Office Depot 3-prong folder 35 cents

Scholastic school glue 50 cents

Office Depot manual pencil sharpeners 50 cents

Office Depot eraser Caps 12 pack 60 cents

Office Depot wood pencils #2 12 pack 75 cents


SOHL butterfly chair $29.99

SOHL Smart Media lap desk $5.99

Shag area rug $39.99

Food City

Midnight Madness on Friday.

Mayfield Ice Cream event price $1.99, RMN 05-20 $1,

Final Price: 99 cents.

Chex Snack Mix event price 99 cents, Smart Source 07-08 50 cents/2,

Final Price: 74 cents.

Celestial Tea $2.99, Smart Source 07-22 $1/2,

Final Price: $2.49 each.

Holly Farms Chicken Breast 99 cents per pound

Clementines $3.99 3-pound bag

Red Baron Pizza $3.25

Food Lion

Angela Soft Bath Tissue 12 rolls $4.99, RMN 07-22 $1,

Final Price: $3.99.

Ground Chuck $2.99 per pound

Red Baron Pizza $10/3, then receive a free deep dish single pizza.


Tide Detergent $5.99, Procter & Gamble $3,

Final Price: $2.99.

Downy Fabric Softener $5.99, Procter & Gamble $3,

Final Price: $2.99.

Softsoap Liquid Soap $3.49, Smart Source 07-22 75 cents,

Final Price: $2.74. Then receive a $1.75 Store Extrabuck.

All Laundry Detergent $2.99, RMN 07-22 $1,

Final Price: $1.99.


Bic Pens $1.29, Smart Source 07-22 $1,

Final Price: 29 cents.

Hi Chew Candy $1.50, Smart Source 05-13 $1,

Final Price: 50 cents.

All Laundry Detergent $2.99, RMN 07-22 $1,

Final Price: $1.99.

Rimmel Brow Pencil $4.59, Buy one get one 50 percent off and use two coupons from Smart Source 06-17 $2 each,

Final Price: $2.86. Receive $3 Bonus points.

Rimmel Brow This Way Shadow $4.79, Buy one get one 50 percent off and use two coupons from Smart Source 06-17 $2 each,

Final Price: $3.18. Receive $3 Bonus points

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