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The stores are full of Halloween decorations and candy. As you go on the hunt for your Halloween trick and treaters each week, you will see a different candy deal. Starting this week, there are several candy sales that will have good prices and matching up with coupons.

Just a few hints when shopping with candy coupons. Make sure you pick the correct packaging that matches the coupon. One of the common mistakes a new couponer makes is not reading the fine print and limitations on the coupons versus the candy packaging. The coupons verbiage ranges from “individual bars,” to “fun size” or “big bag,” to candy in “large bags.” With the next several weeks, you will have a variety of several different coupons. One coupon example can state “stand-up bag” or your coupon will show “miniature assortment.” Additionally, this month you will see coupons that state “fall harvest” or “halloween candy” on the package and coupon.

Remember, as you save money with couponing, make sure you take advantage of your savings with the 52-week money saving plan. This is the 40th week of the year, concurrently; you would place $40.00 into your savings program. This would leave a new savings balance of $820.00 towards your year-end goal of $1,378.00.


Grape tomatoes 99 cents per pint

Green grapes 99 cents per pound

Honeycrisp apples $1.99 2lb bag

Acorn, butternut or spaghetti squash 49 cents per pound

French onion dip 16 oz 99 cents

Clancy potato chips 9-10 oz $1.09


Yellow or white peaches 99 cents pound

Plums 99 cents pound

Cottonelle bathroom tissue, when you buy two $3.99 each, use two coupons Smart Source 9-09 50 cents,

Final Price: 3.49 each.

Viva Paper towels six rolls, when you buy two $3.99 each, use two coupons Smart Source 9-09 50 cents,

Final Price: 3.49 each.

Nestle Fun Size Candy $1.99, buy four and use Smart Source 09-16 $2/3

Final Price: $1.49 each.

Food City

Fantastic Friday Sale

Pepsi products 24-pack 12 oz cans event price $11/2 limit one.

Gwaltney sliced bacon 12 oz event Price $1.99 limit four.

Little Debbie Cakes buy four in same transaction limit two transactions, event price 99 cents.

Mayfield Milk gallon $3.99

Gala apples 99 cent pound

Ground round $3.99 pound

Russet potatoes 10-pound bag $2.99

Eggland’s Best Large Eggs $1.99, RMN 09-09 50 cents,

Final Price: $1.49.

Mix and Match event, must buy any 10 items, limit two transactions per day, final price 49 cents each. A few of the products include canned goods, pasta, bread and soft drinks.


Reese’s Snack Size Candy $1.99, Smart Source 09-23 $1/2, Final Price: $1.49 each.

P&G products spend $30 on participating products and receive $10 reward on card. Purchase the following towards the $30 goal: two Pampers diapers $18/2, two Tide Liquid Detergents $9.98, Bounce $3.99. Use coupons from P&G Tide $2 use two coupons, Pampers $3, Bounce 50 cents,

Final Price: $24.47. Receive $10 points reward on your card.


P& G products spend $30 on participating products and receive $10 Extrabucks reward.

Purchase the following towards the $30 goal: Pantene $12/3, Tide $5.94, Head Shoulders $12/2, Dawn 99 cents. Use coupons from P& G Tide $2 use two coupons, Pantene $5 on three, Head shoulders $3 on two,

Final Price: $20.93. Receive $10 Extrabucks reward to roll into another deal.

Hildred Lewis is a bargain hunter and purchaser. Visit her online at

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