As we observe the Fourth of July with our family and friends today, there are a few extra savings to keep in mind. Additionally, this will be a great time to stock up on meat sales, especially after the holiday.

Some of the easiest things to purchase this week are paper plates, bowls, tableware, napkins and cups. At Walgreens this week, the items are buy one and get one free; use the coupon listed below.

For those parents who will have college students starting school in the next few weeks, you also will want to take advantage of these sale events, too. Additionally, if you are like me and have a home office, this is a good time to replenish your office supplies.

Walmart you will have several college items on sale, including a compact refrigerator for $59 and a twin memory foam mattress for $129.

Basic college needs include highlighters, pens, pencils, scissors, erasers, index cards, desk lamp, pencil sharpener, notebooks, computer ink, USB flash drive, printer paper, backpack, calculator, sticky notes, calendar, desk accessories and surge protector.

Remember, as you save money with couponing, make sure you take advantage of your savings with the 52-week money saving plan. This is the 27th week of the year. Place $27 into your savings program. This will leave a new savings balance of $378 toward your year-end goal of $1,378.


Nectarines or Peaches 99 cents pound

Sweet Corn 25 cent each


Medium Avocados 49 cents each

Pick Lady Apples $1.99 pound

Ground Beef $1.99

Tide Liquid Detergent $5.99, Proctor & Gamble (P&G) $3,

Final Price: $2.99.

Tide Pods Detergent $5.99, P&G $3,

Final Price: $2.99.

Downy Softener $5.99, P&G $3,

Final Price: $2.99.

General Mills Cereal $2.49, Smart Source 06-03 75 cents/2,

Final Price: $2.12 each.

Food City

$5 Friday Event sale on select items

Mayfield Novelties Event Price $5/3, RMN 05-20 $1,

Final Price: 66 cents each, limit six with store card.

Dunkin Donuts coffee $6/2, RMN 05-20 $2/2,

Final Price: $2 each.

Land O Frost Sub Sandwich Kit $4.99, Smart Source 06-24 $1,

Final Price: $3.99.


Puffs Facial Tissue 99 cents, P&G 50 cents,

Final Price: 49 cents.

Dawn Dish Liquid 99 cents, P&G 25 cents,

Final Price: 74 cents.

Tide Liquid Detergent $5.94, P&G $3,

Final Price: $2.94.


Milka Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar 69 cents, Walgreens store coupon booklet $1/2,

Final Price: 19 cents each.

Dixie Plates Buy one and Get one free $3.59, RMN 06-17 $1/2, using coupon buy four items, no coupons on free items,

Final Price: $1.55 each.

Febreze products $6/2, P&G buy one get one free,

Final Price: $1.50 each.

Dawn Dish Liquid 99 cents, P&G 25 cents,

Final Price: 74 cents.

Hildred Lewis is a bargain hunter. Visit her online at

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