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At times, couponers need to make modifications with our shopping skills. Some of us are extreme couponers who make large purchases and then uses the store rewards to bring the purchase price down towards zero.

We will need to up our couponing skills. Starting Nov. 4, there will be a change in the way couponers will be using the Walgreens Balance Rewards.

The points system is changing.

Every 1,000 points will equal $1 and the new maximum to use Balance Rewards Points at one transaction is 5,000 points equaling $5.

Each 1,000 point will be with a dollar amount, such as 2,000 points will be worth $2.Before Nov. 4, you may want to consider spending your points down and make larger purchases.

Moving forward, couponers will need to make several different transactions to take advantage of the $5 limit for balance rewards. Couponers are creative and we will make this new policy work for us.

Remember, as you save money with couponing, make sure you take advantage of your savings with the 52-week money saving plan. This is the 42nd week of the year. Place $42 into your savings program. This would leave a new savings balance of $903 toward your year-end goal of $1,378.


Buy 5 Save $5 Sale

Green Mountain Coffee event price $5.99, Smart Source 09-09 $1.50,

Final Price: $4.49.

General Mills Cereal event price $1.79, Smart Source 09-16 $1/3,

Final Price: $1.46 each.

Quaker Chewy Granola Bars event price: 99 cents, RMN 09-9 75 cents/2,

Final Price: 62 cents each.

Skinny Pop Popcorn event price $1.99, RNM 08-05 $1,

Final Price: 99 cents.

Cooked Perfect Meatballs event price $1.99, Smart Source 08-05 $1,

Final Price: 99 cents.

Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sausage event price: $2.99, RNM 10-07 55 cents,

Final Price: $2.44.

Huggies Wipes event price: 99 cents.

Progress Soup Select Varieties, buy eight,

Final Price: 99 cents each.

Food Lion

Bertolli Pasta Sauce $4/2, Smart Source 09-30 75 cents/2,

Final Price: $1.62 each.

Dole Fruit Bowls $2.29, Smart Source 09-23 $1/2,

Final Price: $1.79 each.

Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls $4/2, use two coupons from RNM 10-07 75 cents,

Final Price: $1.25 each.

Excedrin $3.99, RMN 10-07 $2,

Final Price: $1.99.

Gain Fabric Sheets $3.99, Smart Source 10-14 $2, F

inal Price: $1.99.

Borden Cheese Singles $5/2, Smart Source 09-16 55 cents,

Final Price: $1.95 each.

Food City

Midnight Madness Sale on Friday

Folgers Country Roast Coffee event price $4.99

Velveeta Shredded or Sliced Cheese event price $1.67

Chicken Breast Tenders Family Pack event price $1.79 per pound.

Kleenex Wet Wipes event price $1, Smart Source 10-07 25 cents,

Final Price: 75 cents.

Kleenex Facial Tissues event price $1, Smart Source 10-07 25 cents ,

Final Price: 75 cents.

Buy any four participating Kellogg Raisin Bran or Mini Wheats cereal plus a gallon of milk for $10,

Final Price: $2 each.


Black Forest Candy, Now and Later Candy or Trolli Candy $1.99, then receive a $1.99 Register Reward.

Cannot roll into the same type of purchase otherwise you will not receive another $1.99 Register Reward.

All Detergent $2.99, RNM 09-23 $1,

Final Price: $1.99. (Use register reward $1.99 from candy,

Final Price: Free.)

Speed Stick Deodorant $3.19, buy one get one 50 percent off, on this transaction you can use and roll bonus points purchase two for $4.79. if you have bonus points use $3,

Final Price: 89 cents each. Then receive $3 bonus points back onto your card you can keep rolling this transaction.

Campbell Condensed Soup 99 cents, Smart Source 09-16 40/2,

Final Price: 79 cents each.


Kleenex 99 cents, Smart Source 10-07 25 cents,

Final Price: 74 cents.

Hildred Lewis is a bargain hunter and purchaser. Visit her online at

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