As you shop with coupons, you will see a trend on the coupons with limits that are changing for the standard we have known in the past. Take the extra steps to view your coupons prior to shopping.

The coupon is valid by the wording on the manufacture coupon; do not go by the pictures. Manufacturers usually show the higher price item versus the lower price item. The wording on the coupon will provide the required information on the coupon restrictions.

“Per purchase” means an item you are buying. If you buy four lipsticks, you will have four purchases, and if your coupon states, “limit one item per purchase,” you can use a coupon on each item.

When the coupon states “limit one per transaction,” only one manufacturer coupon is used even if you have several items and coupons to match. Most stores will let you process separate transactions.

Take advantage of rain checks on items that are out of stock. The stores will allow you to purchase the products at the sale price when they have the products back in stock. Keep the sale ad to make it easier for the cashier.

A rain check will have the description of the item, date, store location and sale price. In most cases, the rain check is good for 30 days, unless noted. When using your raincheck, remember to inform the cashier upfront in order to manually process the rain checks and prices.

This is the 33rd week of the year. Place $33 into your savings program. This would leave a new savings balance of $561 toward your year-end goal of $1,378.


Buy five save $5 event mix and match items in multiples of five

Nature’s Own Butter

Buns Event Price $1.99

Smart Source 06-06-17

50 cents

Final Price: $1.49

Keebler Club Crackers

Event Price $1.49

RMN 07-29 $1/2

Final Price: 99 cents each

General Mills Cereal

Event Price $1.99

Smart Source 07-29 $1.62

Nature Valley Granola Bars

Event Price $1.99

Smart Source 07-08 50 cents/2

Final Price: $1.74 each

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks

Event Price 99 cents

Smart Source 07-08 50 cents/2

Final Price: 74 cents each

Herbal Essences or Aussie shampoo or conditioner

Event Price $1.99

RMN 8-05 $2/2

Final Price: 99 cents each Finish Dish Detergent. Event Price $2.79

Smart Source 07-29 $3

Final Price: 21-cent moneymaker AKA free Huggies Diapers.

Event Price $7.99

Smart Source 07-22 $2

Final Price: $5.99

Scope Mouthwash

Event Price $1.99

Proctor & Gamble $1

Final Price: 99 cents

Rubbermaid TakeAlongs

Food Storage

Event Price $1.79

Smart Source 07-29 $1/2

Final Price: $1.29 each

Cottonelle Bath Tissue

Event Price $3.99

Smart Source 07-29 50 cents

Final Price: $3.49

Viva Paper Towels

Event Price $3.99

Smart Source 07-29 50 cents

Final Price: $3.49

Tyson Chicken Frozen $5.99

RMN 08-05 $2.50/2

Final Price: $4.74

All Liquid Laundry

Detergent $2.99

RMN 07-22 $1

Final Price: $1.99

When you purchase two

detergents, receive

a free Snuggle Fabric Softener

Food City

Two specials running

Pick five mix and match

specially marked

meat $14.99

Pick five mix and match

specially marked produce $5

Vlasic Pickles $1.99

Smart Source 06-24 $1/2

Final Price: $1.49

Land O’Frost Lunch

Meat $3.99

Bistro Favorites

Smart Source 08-19 $1

Final Price: $2.99

Food Lion

Borden Cheese Slices

Two for $5

Smart Source 06-17

50 cents

Final Price: $2


Tennessee Baby

Bella Mushrooms

99 cents per package

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