Take advantage of several stores offering additional incentives within their stores this week. Walgreens has a special for five times their everyday points when you spend $10 or more. CVS has Extra Bucks rewards on Halloween candy. Dollar Tree has a large selection of Halloween decorations for only a $1 an item, making it easier on savings for a fun night.

Food City has a three-day event this weekend for additional savings. Kroger has the Mix and Match Buy four and Save $4 event.

At Food Lion, shoppers can earn $20 when they shop six times and spend $50 or more each visit event, valid until Nov. 28.

When shopping at CVS and Walgreens, remember always save some store money for the next week’s deal. This will assist in keeping your out-of-pocket expense low.

Additionally, when doing different transactions you can roll the store money from deal to deal. This also ensures that each transaction that you planned goes smoothly.

As you save money with couponing, make sure you take advantage of your savings with the 52-week money saving plan. This is the 42nd week of the year, concurrently; you would place $42 into your savings program. This would leave a new savings balance of $903 toward your year-end goal of $1,378.


Tide Simply $2.94

Smart Source 10-15 $1

Final Price: $1.94

Blue Diamond Almonds two for $5

Smart Source 10-01 $1.50/2

Final Price: $1.75 each

Hershey’s Snack Size Candy three for $3

Smart Source 10-15 $1.50

CVS Red Box Coupon $3

Final Price: $1.50 each

Physicians Formula Mascara $9.99

Smart Source 10-15 $4

Final Price: $5.99

Receive $7 Extrabuck reward rolling to another deal

Dollar Tree

Barilla box Pasta $1

Red Plum 09-24 $1/3

Final Price: 75 cents

Hamburger Helper $1

Smart Source 08-27 $1/3

Final Price: 75 cents

Werther’s Original Hard Candies $1

Smart Source 09-17 $1/2


2000 Flushes Bowl Fresh automatic Bowl Cleaner 97 cents

Smart Source 09-17 55 cents

Final Price: 42 cents

Vlasic Relish 98 cents

Smart Source 08-20 $1/2

Final Price: 48 cents

Pioneer Brand Gravy Mix 76 cents

Red Plum 10-01 55 cents/2

Final Price: 49 cents

Tic Tac Mints $1.14

Smart Source 10-01 50 cents

Final Price: 64 cents


Buy 4 Save 4 Mix and Match

Participating items in multiples of 4 with Kroger card

Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwiches Event price $3.99

Red Plum 10-01 55 cents

Final Price: $3.44

Barilla Box Pasta Ten for $10

Red Plum 09-24 $1/3

Final Price: 67 cents each

Gain Laundry Detergent Event Price $3.99

Red Plum 10-08 $2

Final Price: $1.99

Progress Soup Event Price 99 cents

Smart Source 10-08 50 cents/2

Final Price: 74 cents each

Huggies Diapers Event Price $6.99

Smart Source 10-01 $3/2

Final Price: $5.49

Luvs Diapers Event Price $5.99

Procter & Gamble $2

Final Price: $3.99

Huggies Baby Wipes 56 or 72 count Event Price 99 cents

Smart Source 10-1 $1/2

Final Price: 49 cents each

Celestial Seasonings Tea $2.39

Smart Source 10-01 $1

Final Price: $1.39


California Peaches 2 pounds bag $1.98

Michigan Gala Apples 3 pound bag



Comet Multipurpose

Cleaner two for 99 cents

Final Price: 49 cents each

Puffs Facial Tissue 99 cents

Procter & Gamble 25 cents

Final Price: 74 cents

Dawn Dish Soap 99 cents

Procter & Gamble 25 cents

Final Price: 74 cents

Food City

Red or Yukon Gold potatoes 5 pound bag $2

Chuck Roast $3.99 pound

Alberto VO5 Shampoo or conditioner 79 cents

Smart Source 10-08 50 cents/2

Final Price: 54 cents

All Laundry Detergent two for $6

Red Plum 09-24 $2/2

Final Price: $2 each

Hildred Lewis is a bargain hunter and purchaser. Visit her online at www.facebook.com/hildredcoupons.easily.

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