March is the start of frozen food month and the stores are starting their sales on frozen products with all of the stores having great sales matching coupons. Additionally, the stores are having sales on meat products.

Most of you know about reaching in the freezer and pulling out a meat package that is packed full of ice and looks dark brown. Of course, depending on the package it is not clear the type of meat until it defrosts.

Years ago, if I discovered an unknown meat package, I just tossed it in the trash. Surprisingly, I have learned over the years that the meat is still safe to eat, according to the Food Safety and Inspections Serviced (FSIS), “It is just dry spots” and to use the product you can cut the freezer burn portion off either before or after cooking. If a grayish brown appears, it has air exposed to the food item, and coloring can occur in frozen foods. According to the FSIS, “Ground Beef is safe indefinitely if kept frozen, but will lose quality over time.” General recommendation for use is four months.

Quick tips for preparing on long-term storage: I have a kitchen shelf that is set up with all the supplies I need in one spot. This includes the heavy-duty plastic wrap. Sharpie, freezer paper, freezer bags or aluminum foil will assist in the length and quality of the meat. Mark on your package the meat and sell by date. Listed are a few guidelines: Casseroles two-three months, frozen meals three-four months, poultry uncooked nine to 12 months, uncooked roasts, steaks and chops four to 12 months.

Remember, as you save money with couponing, make sure you take advantage of your savings with the 52-week money saving plan. This is the ninth week of the year. Place $9 into your savings program. This would leave a new savings balance of $45 toward your year-end goal of $1,378.


Mix and Match Event Sale, buy five, save $5

Nabisco Chip Ahoy Cookies event price $1.49, Smart Source 02-11 75 cents/2, Final Price: $1.12.

Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste event price $1.99, Smart Source 02-25 $2, Final Price: Free.

Colgate Mouthwash event price $3.99, Smart Source 02-25 $2, Final Price: $1.99.

Dove’s Men care Body Wash event price $2.99, Red Plum 02-25 $2, Final Price: 99 cents.

Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzels event price $1.99, Smart Source 01-28 $1/2, Final Price: $1.49.

Chobani Yogurt $1, use the coupon free item SmartSource 02-11 Free, Final Price: Free.

Food City Kraft Mayo $2.64, Smart Source 01-21 $1/2, Final Price: $2.14.

Nabisco Oreo Cookies Family Size $2.99, Smart Source 75 cents/2, Final Price: $2.62.

Ground Beef $2.99 pound

Chicken Breast 99 cents pound

Folgers Coffee $3.99

Tyson Chicken $5.99, Red Plum 01-21 $1.25, Final Price: $4.74.

White Castle Burgers 16-count $9.99, Smart Source 01-28 $1, Final Price: $8.99.

Smucker’s Uncrustables $5/2, use two coupons from Red Plum 01-07 $1, Final Price: $1.50 each.

SeaPak Shrimp $4.99, Smart Source 02-11 $1, Final Price: $3.99.

Farm Rich Appetizers $4.99, Smart Source 01-21 $1, Final Price: $3.99.

Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwiches $4.99, Red Plum 02-04 75 cents, Final Price: $4.24.

Birds Eye Voila $3.99, Smart Source 01-21 $1/2, Final Price: $3.49.

Chobani Yogurt 88 cents, use the coupon free item SmartSource 02-11 Free, Final Price: Free.

Food Lion

Three Day Frozen Food Sale (Friday through Sunday)

Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwiches event price $3.99, Red Plum 02-04 75 cents, Final Price: $3.24.

Tyson Chicken event price Buy One Get One Free $2.50 each, Red Plum 01-21 $1.25, Final Price: $1.25.

Johnsonville Brats $3.99, Smart Source 01-28 $1/2, Final Price: $3.49 each.

Hildred Lewis is a bargain hunter and purchaser. Visit her online at

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