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The NRA wants to take your kid to Washington D.C. to indoctrinate them in the NRA's far right extremist political agenda which maintains basically, that the solution to america's gun violence problem is more guns. Their president Oliver North is a three time convicted felon, a gun trafficker to be exact who lied to converse. North regularly mocks and taunts children gun violence survivors. He also maintains that violent video games are the cause of america's gun violence epidemic( about 670 gun shot deaths per week) yet North was paid to work on the violent video game "Call of Duty". They will teach your child that a modern infantry style semi automatic, large magazine rifle , designed for the wholesale slaughter of enemy combatants on the modern battlefield is "america's rifle" Its a favorite of mass murders because of its ability to kill and maim dozens in a few moments.
The NRA has opposed all of the following safety measures because it would reduce the scope and scale of the gun market gun america, whixchits backers the gun and ammo industry oppose due to the loss of profits and revenue that would result. The NRA opposes and opposed universal background checks for gun buyers, mandatory safety training for gun owners, mandatory storage of weapons under lock and key when not in use(like the US military does), mandatory storage of ammo separately from firearms (like the US military does), funding for gun violence reach by the american medical association, the Centers for Disease Control and the AHA, funding so the ATF can get a digital computerized serial # registry sop they can find america's flourishing gun trafficking industry, mandatory license to own a gun, an assault rifle ban, a semi automatic pistol ban , and many other common sense gun safety measures. Now, Bart O'Kavanaugh will swing the SCOTUS farther to the right and he will argue that america needs more guns (currently we have 5% of the world's population and 50% of the guns. Gunshot wounds are the SECOND leading cause of death foe american children. Over 35,000 americans are killed by gunfire annually and another 100,000 are maimed and wounded. Millions of americans , including our school children are being traumatized due to the effective lobbying of the NRA to stop any and all common sense gun safety legislation.
Jeepers ! Who wants their child taught that the Second Amendment, which was written to allow the states to raise armed militias in 1798 when there was no standing army REALLY means guns everywhere and the NRA's all or nothing position on gun safety? sign 'em right up while you deny these realities if you believe this little propaganda piece written by the NRA's lobbyists to produce a new generation of guns everywhere voters who buy into the NRA's anti gun safety advertising .
I'm a former United States Marines infantry officer and I am opposed to the NRA's selling their lethal products to children while indoctrinating with their intentionally false and corrupt gun sales political views. We see you NRA.

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