The Tennessee Chronic Wasting Disease Management Plan described here will be of interest to all Tennessee deer hunters since the CWD Management Zone (CMZ) is bound to expand. In response to CWD being confirmed in Tennessee, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency has created a CMZ for Fayette, Hardeman and McNairy counties (east of Memphis and Shelby County), specifically a 10-mile radius of any confirmed CWD case. There have been 13 confirmed cases so far. Here are the new seasons, laws, rules and regulations for the CMZ:

Any deer killed in Fayette, Hardman and McNairy counties must remain in the counties, except meat with all the bones removed, antlers with no tissue attached, tanned hides, cleaned teeth and finished taxidermy products. (You can move a harvested deer within these three counties. You cannot remove a deer from these counties and move it to any other county unless it meets exportation requirements.)

Supplemental feeding is now banned in Fayette, Hardeman and McNairy Counties. The placement of grain, salt products, minerals and other consumable natural and manufactured products is prohibited. The ban does not apply to feed placed within 100 feet of any residence, feed placed in a manner not accessible to deer, or feed and minerals as the result of normal agricultural practices. Food plots are still legal in the CWD Zone.

Starting Dec. 29, 2018, all hunters killing deer in the CWD Zone on weekends are required to physically check in deer for testing at sampling and check stations within these counties. For CWD sampling stations go to the CWD section of (Note: If you harvested a deer outside of the High Risk Area and desire your deer to be tested, you are welcome to bring your deer to any of these locations on weekends.)

A new deer hunting season has been created for Fayette, Hardeman and McNairy counties starting Jan. 7 through Jan. 31. The antlered bag limit is one. There is no limit on antlerless deer. A Type 94 permit is required to hunt antlerless deer during this season, except for landowners hunting under the landowner exemption, Sportsman license holders (including Lifetime Sportsman), and hunters who possess a Type 167 permit. Even if you already have limited out with two antlered deer during the regular season, you are allowed to kill another antlered deer during the Jan. 7-31 season.

The TWRA is continuing its efforts of targeted sampling for CWD outside of the CWD management zone. Emphasis will be placed on those counties surrounding the CWD management zone. Tennessee has become the 26th state to have documented CWD, along with three Canadian provinces.

More information about CWD, including cervid import restrictions, and videos that explain how to properly dress an animal before transporting it, can be found at

With the new emergency rules in place, owners of captive deer and elk will be required to report their herd inventory, location and any sick animals to the state veterinarian. They also will be required to report deaths among their fenced captive cervids within 24 hours and make the carcass available to TDA for further testing.

Additionally, the importation of captive cervids into the state and the movement of captive deer or elk within the state require prior approval and a permit from the state veterinarian, as well as USDA-approved identification.

CWD has no known risk to the health of humans or livestock. However, testing is recommended prior to consuming deer or elk meat harvested within the CWD Management Zone. CWD is a contagious and deadly neurological disorder that affects cervids, which are animals in the deer family, including deer, elk, moose, caribou and reindeer

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