Many Blount County natives were named to the fall 2019 dean’s list at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City. They are: Aaron T. Barlow, Jordan A. Hoyos, Brittany E. Lorenzo, Lauren K. Moore, Taylor R. Moore and Lindsay E. Murray, all of Alcoa; Kasidy E. Dunn and Haley N. Summers, both of Friendsville; Tyler N. Indranoi, Robert B. Patterson and Brandon M. Rhyno, all of Greenback; Andrew O. Hodgin, Dustin M. Howard, Justin Russell, Jonavin J. Turner and Kylie J. Winchester, all of Louisville; Kimmel G. Baerns, Tristan M. Best, Seth W. Bowden, Brittany L. Bracey, Haley D. Breeden, Michaela C. Brewer, Patsy E. Brooks, Timmy M. Callahan, Bailey A. Carnes, Samuel A. Cody, Demi R. Coleman, Caitlin T. Conner, Bradley J. Decker, James Elliott, Haley M. Gomez, Meredith A. Graham, Caleigh M. Hall, John B. Harbin, Joseph T. Headrick, Joseph B. Hendrick, Jasmyn E. Herrell, Lindsay J. Holliday, Madison D. Holliday, Alexis M. Hunt, Allie E. Israel, Richmond Ivens, Karina Jurayeva, Sarah Lawson, Robert E. Lay, Toni S. Matheson, Tanner R. McGruther, Hannah G. Mehaffey, Brooke A. Mende, Emily C. Meng, Olivia M. Moder, Abigail E. Moore, Carson R. Morgan, Carrie E. Myers, Alaina K. Olson, Abigail E. Pace, Srushti A. Patel, Jessica S. Payne, Caroline R. Pridmore, Rachel M. Reid, Alex W. Riegle, Mason D. Seitz, Bailey N. Sellers, Angela E. Sexton, Corey P. Shaffer, Alexandria E. Shepherd, Timothy O. Shultz, Kyler B. Sudhoff, Avery G. Sugg, Allie E. Taylor, Kiersten L. Vandervelde, Daniel T. West and Dru L. Williams, all of Maryville; Jaqueline N. Burns, of Rockford; Caileigh E. Cole, Emmaline K. Combs, Dillon H. Cutshaw, David J. Davis, Abbey K. Dovey, Courtney S. Dyer, Landrie N. Fleming, Haley D. Graves, Nathan S. Harner, Hunter D. Harrison, Megan A. Headrick, Kelsey M. Heck, Samantha L. Kulikowski, Jacob W. Lewis-Jones, Douglas K. Maples, Lauren B. Maxwell, Deidra A. McCroskey, Mason J. McNutt, Abigail Moore, James C. Morgan, Shelby E. Ribblett, Logan E. Rooney, Colin A. Russell, Hannah L. Schrimpsher, Megan B. Smith, Benjamin P. Stephens, Keaton Summers, Amy A. Trater, Nathan P. Wade, Hannah D. Watson and Kelley D. Wolfe, all of Seymour; Sara E. Curtis and Jared R. Webb, of Townsend; and John H. Wagner and Boby K. West; both of Walland.

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