The following students were inducted into the National Honor Society at Maryville High School on Feb. 5, 2020.

The junior inductees are: Sam Arendale, Elizabeth Arp, Katie Beeler, Eden Bollschweiler, Hallie Boring, Carter Brady, Eleanor Bussey, Vivan Chen, Nolan Coffey, Madison Crowgaert, Kendra Day, Cheng Ding, Ashley Dorsey, Joshua Driskill, Jude Ellison, Paige Good, Connor Haralson, Charles Hasting, Lea Hayes, Mariah HollenKamp, Emily Jones, Calista Jones, Alisa Jones, Timur Jurayev, Rachel Kilpatrick, Matthew Kuhl, Reagan Lewis, Chesney Lingerfelt, Erin Mays, Ryan McCrory, Andre Miller, Bradley Moore, Brody Nuchols, Grace Pepperman, Jordan Peralta, Ryan Peruski, James Robertson, Aimee Rohan-Ramirez, Lander Sartin , Dionysios Siopsis, Parker Slawson, Lane Slawson, Wesley Tate, Kara Twiner, Jewell West, Katelyn Wilson and Benjamin Wyrick.

The senior inductees are: Emma Antonio, Henry Astor, Hadley Baerns, Dawson Baxter, Grace Bellah, Audrey Blackburn, Nathan Blair, Bell Bostrom, Arianna Brown, Jackie Campbell, Michael Chodak, Catherine Coalson, Eliza Conner, Eva Counts, Ben Crawford, Katie Cunningham, Anna Curtis, Jonas Dixon, Nathan Dockery, Madison Elam, Caleb Fikes, Eva Fortenberry, Lauryn Fox, Erin Gardner, Megan Garza, Emma Greene, Jackson Greene, Julian Halloy, Ruth Harper, Jacob Henneke, Liam Huff, Emily Huffstetler, Christina Jackson, Elizabeth Kemp, Carmela Lewis, Audrey Lovin, Eva Marlow, Madeline Matzek, Ella McCallum, Clara McKinnis, Anna McTyre, Ben Moder, Alayne Myers, Elijah Paszek, Stephen Qiu, Ben Roberts, Jacob Robertson, Andew Sanders, Sarah Shore, Kylie Sliger, Kaylee Sneed, Mason Stott, Alexis Thomas, Jaden Toby, Caleb Tucker, Megan Underwood, Rachel Vesper, Colby Vines, Thomas Ward, Taylor West, Margaret Whitmire, Riley Willingham and Miranda Wyatt.

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