Sixty-eight Blount County students graduated from Maryville College in May 2019. They are: Jeremiah Babb, Olivia Caudle, Jessica Dillard and Hannah Turner, of Alcoa; Tori Cox, Arian Mitchell, Colleen Nordstrom and Michael Westerfield, of Friendsville; Madison Davis, Brody Hess, Lauren Kelley, Bailey Ritter and Hope Whitehead, of Louisville; Manal Abbas, Yosef Addis, Tyler Arwood, Colby Beach, Caitlin Blair, Beau Branton, Adriann Breazeale, Paula Buckingham, Amanda Cable, Amber Click, Cheyanne Croft, Connor Davis, Isabella Davis, Austin DeLozier, Mason Denman, Bryce Dills, Terri Dobson, Katherine Ebers, Evan Gambill, Blake Henderson, Tiffany Hursh, Melanie Kyte, Elizabeth Lane, Jeremy Law, Joshua Lieberman, Thomas Lowery, Nick Macri, Joshua Metcalf, Sarah Metcalf, Katelyn Moats, Sydney Myers, Max Nopola, Kathryn Norris, Roland Parker, Makayla Parsley, Arbor Phillips, Andrew Pierce, Mindy Reagan, Mary Schroeder, Clair Scott, Stevie Sullivan, Larry Talbert, Ben Teaster, Bri Vargas, Zack Vitale, Catherine Wilkinson, Luda Wilner, Megan Wright, Sarah Christopher, Nikki Whaley and Elizabeth Wheeler, of Maryville; Dave Peters, of Rockford; Danielle Everett and Trevor Perry, of Seymour; and Montana Newroth, of Townsend.

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