Brawn wins Best in Show

Cindy Brawn won Best in Show at the recent Foothills Quilters Guild show held at Maryville First Baptist Church.

Cindy Brawn won Best of Show at the recent Foothills Quilters Guild show held back in October.

She learned to make clothes on a treadle sewing machine with her mother, said Brawn’s daughter, Edie Pintar.

Brawn had six children and she made all of their clothes when they were younger. After marrying Pintar’s dad in 1980, there were 11 children, and five of them were still at home, Pintar said.

“She made us maternity shirts, baby clothes, even silk christening gowns for grandchildren and great-grandchildren,” Pintar said.

Brawn learned how to use a serger and took quilting and embroidery classes. And as her children got married, Brawn made sure they had elaborate quilts, curtains, valences and pillows, Pintar said. Brawn even taught classes at quilt stores.

Pintar said it was in 2008 that she learned how to make a quilt top. She was providing hospice care for her dad, Skip Brawn, who was married to Cindy, and Brawn taught her the art of quiltmaking.

That quilt they made together still provides comfort.

“She gave me the joy of quilting in the worst of circumstances,” Pintar said.

Brawn had never entered any of her quilts in a show.

She is no longer able to quilt.

Pintar, who has seen so much of her exquisite work, entered one of Brawn’s quilts for her. The quilt that won Best in Show was one that Brawn had made for one of her sons, Clint, who is Pintar’s brother.

“What a blessing it was for her to win Best of Show and get such a surprise,” Pintar said.

“It was wonderful to see her walk in with Clint at the Foothills Quilt Show ands see her quilt wth ribbons on it.”

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