Congratulations! It is graduation time. A time to celebrate the 12 years of hard work Blount Home Education Association seniors have put into their education. Regardless of the fact that this year’s graduation ceremony may look different than in years past, we still want to recognize these students. Whether you have grown up through BHEA or just joined last year, it is still a wonderful time to celebrate all of your efforts that are paying off.

Although graduation is a huge milestone in life, it is also the turn of a page. Now students look forward to the next chapter in their lives: College. A few of the campuses that will be graced by our BHEA grads include Berry College, East Tennessee State University, Lee University, Temple University, Oklahoma University, and the University of Tennessee Knoxville.

Not only do these BHEA graduates plan to attend college, but they have also been awarded numerous scholarships. Gracie Dulin received an athletic scholarship for rowing and will be double majoring in political science and public policy. Andrew Lawson will be majoring in engineering and has been awarded several engineering scholarships through UTK. Kyla Jernigan will be attending ETSU in theatre and radio/TV/film. She was awarded ETSU’s Daryl and Harold “Bud” Frank Scholarship and has been accepted into the Bert C. Bach and Performing Arts Scholars program. Marianna Harrison will be majoring in theater at Berry University. Bryce Montgomery Long plans to use TN Promise scholarship money to major in international business at PSCC and then transfer to ETSU. Kylie Fontenot will also attend PSCC in the fall but plans to transfer to Lee University to obtain a Bachelor’s in marketing.

Eden Carnes is the school correspondent for Blount Home Education.

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