If you are looking for good prices on ham this week, several stores have great prices. Take advantage this week and place extra in your freezer for later.

Additionally, this week the sales focus on essential food items for Christmas meals. There are several items like the Russet and sweet potatoes with great prices. Canned corn and green beans are on sale this week. If you are planning to make Christmas cookies, flour, sugar and butter are on sale.

For CVS and Walgreens, clearance sales on makeup are still going strong. Take advantage of these sales and plan for basket gifts not only for Christmas but also for later. The Daily Times coupons provide a moneymaker deal at Walgreens with clearance items.

For those that are continue with the saving program remember, as you save money with couponing, make sure you take advantage of your savings with the 52-week money saving plan. This is the 51st week of the year. Place $51 into your savings program. This would leave a new savings balance of $1,326 toward your year-end goal of $1,378.


Clearance Sales

Travel Brush Set

Clearance $3.19

UPC 4902281769

Flower Sponge Wedges

Clearance $99 Cents

UPC 04902291479

Covergirl buy two

and receive a $5 Register

Reward No limits

on this transaction, just

do not use this Register

Rewards on this deal

Otherwise another one

will not print out

1.) Clearance Items qualifies

Covergril Lip Outlast

All-Day Illumina $5.29

UPC 04620001222

Smart Source 12-09 $2

Final Price: $3.29

2.) Covergirl Trublend

Contour Blend $6.49

UPC 02270025167

Smart Source 12-09 $3

Final Price: $3.49

3.) For both Covergirl $6.78

Bonus Points use $5

Final Price $1.78

Then receive Register Rewards $5

Money Maker $3.22

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate

Gift box $9.99

Smart Source 11-11 $1

Final Price: 8.99

Merci Holiday Candy $8/2

Use two coupons

Smart Source 12-09 $1

Final Price: $3 each

Godiva Master Pieces

Dark Chocolate buy

Three bags $10.50

Use store coupon $3

Use bonus points $5

Final Price: $2.50

Then receive $3.75

Register Reward

White Castle Burger

6 pack $7/2

Use two

Smart Source 12-02 55 cents

Final Price: $2.95 each


Ferrero Rocher Chocolate

Gift box $9.99

Smart Source 11-11 $1

Final Price: 8.99


Wisconsin Russet Potatoes

10-pound bag $1.99

Appleton Farms Spiral

Sliced Half Ham

95 cents per pound

Loven Fresh

Hawaiian Sweet

Rolls 12 ounces $1.79

Bakers corner Brown or

Powdered Sugar

32 ounces, 95 cents each

Happy Farms Cream Cheese

Or Fit 7 Active Neufchatel

Cheese 8 ounces 69 cents

Baker’s Corner All

Purpose Flour 5 pounds $1.15

Baker’s Corner Granulated

Sugar 4 pounds $1.19


Keebler Town House

Or Club Crackers

Event Price $2

RMN 11-11 $1/2

Final Price: $1.50 each

Food City

Spiral Sliced Ham $1.59

Per pound

Smoked Ham portion

99 cents pound

Food Club Canned Corn or

Green Beans when you

buy 10 at 49 cents each

Sweet Potatoes 79 cents pound

Food City Brown

& Serve rolls 12 count $1.35

Scott Paper Towels $3.99

Smart Source 11-11 50 cents

Final Price: $3.49

Food Lion

Food Lion Shank Portion

Ham 99 cents pound

Food Lion Spiral ham $1.49 pound

Frozen Turkey 10 pounds or larger

99 cents

Del Monte Green Beans

or corn 64 cents

Smart Source 11-04 40 cents/4

Final Price: 54 cents each

Kinder Joy $5/4

Smart Source 11-11 $1/2

Use two coupons

Final Price: 75 cents each

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