One of my favorite words on a coupon is ANY. That is right. The word any provides me with the least amount of restrictions.

When using coupons, do not make your decisions based by the pictures on the coupons. Instead, use the description of the words on the coupons. Based on the marketing techniques, the higher priced items most likely are shown, tantalizing you to make that purchase.

Food City is running two specials this week. One of my favorites is Midnight Madness.

This is a great week to stock up on the chicken and chuck roast at $3.99 pound. Food City has a large selection of buy one get one free on their brand name products. Additionally, Food City and Food Lion have their Mix or Match Event Sale. You must buy five selected items to save $5.

Kroger is having the event sale buy five and save $5. With these, you can mix and match as long you purchase five of the event items. This coming Sunday, several coupons will match up with Kroger’s event sale.

Remember, as you save money, make sure you take advantage of the 52-week money saving plan. This is the eighth week of the year. Place $8 into your savings program. This would leave a new savings balance of $36 toward your year-end goal of $1,378.


Five times bonus points over

$10 for each transaction

Gain Flings $4.99

Use two coupons from

Red Plum 2-11 $2

Walgreens 1 ecoupon $2

Buy 3 receive 3,000 points

Use the spend $10 5 times points

In the store ad equals 780 points

Final Price $2.99 each

Total points on card that

Turns to store cash $3.78

Crest/Scope Mouth Wash $3.99

Buy 3 and use 2 coupons from

Red Plum 2-11 $1

Walgreens ecoupon $1

Final Price: $2.99 each

Then receive $5 register reward

Chobani Yogurt $2.19

Use the free item from

SmartSource 02-11 Free

Final Price: Free

Hershey’s Candy 79 cents

Gold Peanuts & Pretzel coupon

Smart Source 01-28 50 cents

Final Price: 29 cents

Wrigley’s 5 or Orbit Gum 89 cents

Red Plum 01-07 50 cents/2

Final Price: 64 cents

Tyson Any’tizers $6/2

Use two coupons from

Red Plum 01-21 $1.25

Final Price: $1.75 each


Huggies Diapers, Pull Ups or Good night’s $20/2

Or $11.29 each

Use 3 coupons from

Smart Source 001-28 $2

Buy 3 spend $30

Receive a $10 ECB store coupon

Final Price: $8.43 each

roll $10 ECB into next deal or save for next week’s coupons deals


Hass avocados 59 cents

Red grapes 99 cents

California mandarins $2.49

3-pound bag

Food Lion

Hellmann’s Mayonnaise $6/2

Red Plum 01-28 $1 use 2

Final Price: $2 each

Johnsonville cooked Brats $6/2

Smart Source 01-28 $1/2

Final Price: $2.50 each

Food City

Midnight Madness this


Split Chicken Breast

Event Price 79 cents pound

Turkey Breast

Event Price 99 cents pound

Maxwell House Coffee $4.99


Mix and Match Event Sale

Buy 5 save $5

Nabisco Chip Ahoy Cookies

Event Price $1.49

Smart Source 02-11 75 cents/2

Final Price: $1.12

Chobani Yogurt $1

Use the free item from

SmartSource 02-11 Free

Final Price: Free

Theraflu $6.49

Red Plum 02-04 $1

Final Price: $5.49

Large Cantaloupe 99 cents

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