Happy New Year! Be prepared to save on a large variety of items ranging from food to future gifts. Take advantage of the seasonal clearance sales and plan which items will match up toward the next household gathering.

Some thoughts are green items are great for St Patrick’s Day and red products are great for valentines. Stores will significantly reduce their holiday items upfront, which is the perfect time to build your gift stockpile.

Paying full price for items is costly, yet purchasing wrapping paper and any special decorations after Christmas will eventually save you money in the future. Additionally, this applies to buying birthday presents in advance like gifts sets for perfumes, cards, candy, clothing, seasonal items or toys for the children.

In addition, you will see seasonal clearance items reduce to 50 percent off and as the week continues, the discounts will be greater. I have been doing this process for years, and the money I have saved over time is substantial.

One of the tricks of the couponing trade is using your store reward money for the holiday clearance sales. Your goal is to maximize your savings and be able to purchase as much as possible. Your objective is to continue with the circle of savings throughout the year and make a difference within your budget.

After all of the meal planning and holiday shopping, at the end of the day, it is good to know that we planned throughout the year, managing our budget with couponing and putting that extra savings to good use.

Congratulations, this is week 52 in the 52-week money-saving plan challenge. Whew, this is it, all the hard work you did every week to save for a whole year. The saving plan challenge was difficult at times; yet using your savings from couponing provided the household budget the difference weekly to ensure that you could place extra money in the savings challenge.

For this week, the amount placed into your savings program is $52 and with a current savings of $1378 toward your year-end goal of $1,378. At this point you must make a decision to place your money toward one of your goals.

Are you ready for the next challenge for 2019?


Nice Storage Bags or

Trash bags buy 1 and

Get 2 free

Final Price: 99 cents each

Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner $2.59

Buy one get one 50 percent

Use two coupons from

Smart Source 11-18 50 cents

Final Price: $1.44 each

Keebler Crackers

11.5 oz $1.99

RNM 12-9 $1/2

Final Price: $1.49 each

Good prices

Yardley Soap Bars 69 cents

With store coupon

7up, Canada dry or Sunkist

Products $8/3 $2.66 each

Kellogg’s Cereal $1.88

DiGiorno Pizza 12 inch

Buy one get one free


Keebler Crackers

4.5 oz $1

RNM 12-9 $1/2

Final Price: 50 cent each


Coco-Cola, Pepsi

Or Sun Drop 2 liters

Buy four

Final Price: 88 cents each

Large Eggs 88 cents

Medium Avocados 77 cents

Mangos 77 cents

Buy Five Save Five

Event Sale Mix and

Match on participating items

Must buy in multiples of

5 with Kroger card

Pampers Diapers

Event Price $7.99

Procter & Gamble

Sunday Paper $4/2

Final Price: $5.99

Simply Potatoes

Event Price $1.49

Smart Source 11-11 $1/2

Final Price: 99 cents each

Swiffer Refills

Event Price $6.99

Procter & Gamble

Sunday Paper $1

Final Price: $5.99

Hildred Lewis is a bargain hunter and purchaser. Visit her online at www.face book.com/hildredcoupons.easily.

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