'Christmas on Palm Court'

“Christmas on Palm Court” is the third book in Blount County native Stephanie Higdon Edwards’ Isle of Palms Suspense series.

Blount County native Stephanie Higdon Edwards has entertained readers with the supernatural escapades of the Nelson sisters in two books in her Isle of Palms Suspense series, and on Sunday, Oct. 31, she launches the third: “Christmas on Palm Court.”

“Halloween may seem like an odd time to release a Christmas book, but I thought it was sort of funny to have a Halloween theme around a Christmas book,” Edwards said. “That’s my weird sense of humor!”

The virtual book launch will air beginning at noon Oct. 31 at Stephanie Edwards Writes on YouTube, the author’s Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/steph

edwardswrites and her website https://stephedwardswrites.com. She will be talking about the book, doing readings and more, including introducing some special guests. The video will be available for replay until 10 a.m. Nov. 1 for those unable to attend the launch.

Edwards added, “I will be doing giveaways, and not just at the event. The whole Halloween weekend, I will be giving away copies of books, gift cards and swag. Keep tabs on my Facebook page, website and Instagram for details.”

She has created an events calendar on her Facebook page with information on in-person appearances and book signings. “These will depend on the COVID-19 situation,” she said.

Three perspectives

Edwards’ first book, “The Haunting on Palm Court” focused on Blake Nelson, the eldest of the three sisters, and her newly discovered paranormal “gifts” brought into play when she and her loved ones battle a deranged ghost. The second book, “Return to Palm Court,” has the youngest sister, Brittany, as the main character, again discovering her unique abilities to battle not only a return of the spirit from the first book but others, including a group of ghosts who haunt the waters around the South Carolina low country where Palm Court is located. “Christmas on Palm Court” builds on the first two and is told from the perspective of Elaina, the middle sister, and the development of her own special paranormal ability. This time, the events take place during the Christmas season.

“The series is about family, really,” Edwards said. “A ghostly, haunting theme runs through all three books, but to me, the central theme is about connections among the family and how the sisters come together to support each other through everything.”

As Edwards writes in a prepared press release, “The holidays are a time for family and reflection, and my books are full of both, making Christmas the perfect time period for the third book. Readers can expect another romantic suspense set in the (low country), with all the ghosts and Southern charm they’ve come to expect from Palm Court, plus a dash of Christmas magic.”

A visit to Palm Court wouldn’t be complete without two of the main characters from the first two novels, the sisters’ beloved grandmother, Julia Caroline, and their grandmother’s sassy friend, Nancy. Both spirits, they again add their own special abilities to the arsenal of weapons required to overcome yet another haunting.

Although the book is set at Christmas, it can be read at any time of year.

Whirlwind experience

Having three books published has been a “whirlwind experience,” the author said.

“When I sat down to write the first book, I didn’t think that I would have three, all published within 13 months of each other,” she said. “It’s been really exciting. People seem to really engage with these characters from Palm Court. If people keep wanting them, I’ll keep writing them.”

Edwards is currently doing research for a book set in Appalachia. She is also considering a spinoff series from the Isle of Palms books featuring important side characters from the original series.

“The Haunting on Palm Court” and “Return to Palm Court” both debuted at No. 1 on Amazon’s New Releases in Southern Fiction list.

Edwards has been writing professionally since age 13, when she was selected as a school columnist for The Daily Times. Her love for the low country, the Atlantic Ocean and a good ghost story inspired her to write her first book. She lives in Knoxville with her husband, Ron, and their dog, Shadow.

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Life columnist

Linda Braden Albert worked as a feature writer and editor at The Daily Times. She is now the editor of Horizon Magazine and a columnist.

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