Keep Blount Beautiful (KBB) recently received a $5,000 Keep America Beautiful/UPS Community Tree and Recovery Tree Planting Grant for The Kids Keep Blount Beautiful program. This grant received by Keep Blount Beautiful grant is one of 12 grants from The UPS Foundation that have been provided to Keep America Beautiful affiliates in 2019.

The Kids Keep Blount Beautiful is a campaign designed to give Blount County’s young citizens a sense of ownership over their community by providing them the opportunity to participate in community greening projects. This program aims to address the lack of environmental education in schools, the need for community greening with native plants and trees, and the need for a strong community pride.

The Kids Keep Blount Beautiful program was created in 2016, and with the help of grant funding KBB has been able to work with local schools on a planting project each year.

This year, KBB will work with local schools to plant various native trees on each of their campuses.

The trees will not only beautify and improve the ecological health of each school’s property, but also serve as an outdoor educational tool that will last for years to come.

The Keep America Beautiful/UPS grant program, open exclusively to Keep America Beautiful community-based affiliates, provides grants for tree plantings that will have a greater likelihood of withstanding natural disasters in communities that have lost a significant number of trees because of a recent disaster.

In addition, local Keep America Beautiful affiliate grant recipients work with UPS employees who provide volunteer support to plant the trees and to fulfill other community improvement projects.

“With natural disasters ranging from hurricanes to floods to wildfires there is a critical need to focus significant attention on strategic tree plantings that can add to a community’s resilience while replenishing the trees lost to these disasters,” said Helen Lowman, Keep America Beautiful’s president and CEO. “The UPS Foundation has been focused on this issue for years through its global tree-planting initiative. Keep America Beautiful is proud to be among the NGOs partnering with UPS to meet this fundamental global challenge.”

Since 2011, Keep America Beautiful and The UPS Foundation have worked together to plant more than 23,700 trees throughout the country.

The collaboration with Keep America Beautiful is part of The UPS Foundation’s global tree-planting initiative intended to help sequester levels of carbon dioxide through strategic plantings; emphasize the importance of native tree planting; or produce fruit from fruit trees for local consumption.

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