Not to brag or anything, but two of my personal friends are Santa and Mrs. Claus. They live just down the way from me at Blount County’s North Pole South, and we keep in touch throughout the year. I’m not quite sure how I stay on the “nice” list, but somehow the red-suited man with hair and beard the color of new-fallen snow overlooks my indiscretions and keeps me in his favor.

So, how could I not give him a helping hand when I found that he has put out a call for elves to assist with a project?

A couple of months back, professional Santa and award-winning international author

Joe Moore released his 16th book, a totally delightful adaptation of Clement C. Moore’s classic Christmas poem, “A Visit from St. Nicholas,” better known as “The Night Before Christmas.” Joe’s book is titled “The Christmas Eve Journey.” He explained, “I wrote this book in the Japanese gaiden style, meaning that this version complements and enhances the original poem but with more up-to-date language and told through Santa’s point of view.” The book features case laminate hardcover, heavier premium 70-pound paper, perfect bound binding, a landscape 11.5-by 9-inch design, and corner-to-corner full-color artwork created by Mrs. Claus, Mary Moore. The book already has won an award in the Holiday category from American Fiction Awards.

Joe’s dilemma now is funding the distribution of the book and the accompanying audio recording to the public. That’s where the call for elves comes into play.

“We started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to help us sell our new book at

our arts and crafts shows. We also need to cover our distribution costs to get the audio version to radio stations, be they traditional, internet or satellite,” he told me.

Find more information about Santa Joe’s project at the link

book/santa-is-looking-for-elves. Contributions of any size, from $1 on up, are welcome. Each contributor will receive a gift, from a personal note signed by Santa Joe on up to limited edition, signed and numbered copies of “The Christmas Eve Journey.” The fundraiser ends Oct. 3. Check the link for details.

It’s only natural that Joe would have written this book. As a professional Santa for 16 years, he often reads “The Night Before Christmas” to the children who visit him, and he loves the poem. “But I always thought it strange that Santa Claus never had his own version of what happened that night and many more visits since,” he said. Plus, the author of the original poem was a Moore, so it’s fitting that the adaptation also would be written by a Moore.

That’s not the only connection, either. Joe said, “Both being Moores, Clement C. and Joseph P. may have written the verses, but Mary Moore did both the original ‘paintings’ for ‘The Night Before Christmas’ as well as the illustrations for ‘The Christmas Eve Journey.’ How? Mary Moore-Ogden was Clement’s daughter and Mary T. Moore is my talented wife and illustrator, so both Mary Moores created the artwork for their respective versions.”

Joe is a multifaceted author, writing in multiple genres. In 2019 alone, he will have a suspense-thriller novel and a children’s book for ages 3-6 in his Santa’s Elf series as well as “The Christmas Eve Journey.” Earlier works include his Santa Claus Trilogy, which explains the origin of Santa Claus for adult readers; thrillers “Return of the Birds” and “Revenge of the Birds;” a young adult novel, “The Faces of Krampus;” and short stories. He’s won honors with two of the seven children’s books in the Santa’s Elf Series, for “Revenge of the Birds,” and for “The Faces of Krampus” in addition to the recent award for “The Christmas Eve Journey.”

Joe is the marketing arm for the North Pole Press. He and Mary, who is the publisher and illustrator of the imprint, serve on the advisory board for Ingram Content Group in La Vergne. They assist Ingram with product evaluations and recommendations for other small publishers like themselves.

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