You never know who you’ll meet in a doctor’s waiting room.

I was sitting in the waiting room, passing the time until my turn came to see the doctor. I’d already taken about 10 minutes to make my grocery list. I don’t have a fancy phone to keep my nose stuck in and I didn’t really feel the urge to look at a magazine, so I bided the time half-dozing, half-listening as a couple of other patients chatted. I hated to eavesdrop but the room isn’t that large. Besides, it’s nice to hear people actually interacting like we once did in the good old days.

In my profession, I’m accustomed to listening with purpose and paying full attention to stories being told to me, but when I’m out and about, I let the words flow over and around me most of the time, a casual observer quietly filing away in my mental storage facility words or phrases or topics that seem to stick out and grab me as something to pursue later on. Occasionally, though, I will join in a conversation if it doesn’t seem that I’m intruding. This was one of those times. The ladies were friendly

and inclusive, talking about their lives and interests.

One of the ladies mentioned that she lives near Cookeville but she has family in Greenback. When she comes to visit, she takes care of other appointments, too, and that’s how we ended up in the same waiting room at the same time. The three of us chatted about such things as well as general subjects like children and grandchildren.

Then the lady from Cookeville mentioned that she’s a singer/songwriter. She sings folk, acoustic, Celtic, bluegrass and Americana music and also contemporary Christian music with a hint of folk/bluegrass.

I wrote down her name — Cathy Wilson — and when I got home, I searched for her music on YouTube. What a lovely surprise! She released a CD in 2018 called “Tales of a Songbird” that’s billed as “A melodic folk album born in the hills of Tennessee with a Celtic, bluegrass flair” and another one, “I’ve Been Wandering,” released in June this year. While both albums appealed to me, I was especially drawn to “I’ve Been Wandering,” with its emphasis on the Christian music. My favorite selections are “You Carry Me,” “Rock My Soul,” “Home” and “Deep Calls to Deep.”

Cathy’s voice is perfect for the types of songs she sings — clear and crisp and refreshing, with a story to tell. I’m not an expert in music by any stretch of the imagination, but the timbre of her voice reminds me a bit of Anita Carter, who performed with her mother and sisters as Mother Maybelle and The Carter Sisters, as well as in solos. If you can’t quite place her, Anita’s sister and brother-in-law were Johnny and June Carter Cash. I hear a hint of Emmylou Harris in Cathy’s voice, as well.

If you want to learn more about Cathy, she has a Facebook page, Cathy Wilson Music. Since I gave up Facebook several months ago, I can only see a small bit of it, but those of you who are subscribed may want to check it out and give her some feedback.

Also, be sure to search for Cathy Wilson’s “Tales of a Songbird” and “I’ve Been Wandering” on YouTube. I think you’ll enjoy listening to the different selections as much as I did.

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Life columnist

Linda Braden Albert worked as a feature writer and editor at The Daily Times. She is now the editor of Horizon Magazine and a columnist.

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