The Daily Times received complaints via phone and through social media that Tyler Brothers Farm Equipment Inc. was hosting a live auction Saturday, and that large gatherings should not be held during the coronavirus pandemic.

Six phone calls seeking comment from the Maryville equipment supplier were not returned by press time.

Although Tyler Brothers Farm didn’t provide a response to the newspaper, the business announced on Facebook it would still be hosting one of its three yearly liquidation auctions from 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, March 21, until all items for sale were gone. The post added sanitation stations would be available, Maryville Police Department would provide security and the business would live stream the auction so bids could be made online.

“As always we are prepared for anything, so if you choose to stay home due to the COVID-19 scare, you may still be at the auction online!,” the post states.

When a Daily Times reporter showed up at the event to confirm how many people attended, he was told the event was on private property and asked to leave.

Outside the venue, an auctioneer could be heard selling items in the lot, but a view of the crowd bidding on items was obscured by farm equipment.

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It infuriated me to see this yesterday. These buyers come from many miles to this auction and possibly bring disease with them to our community. Not to mention our local tax dollars pay for their law enforcement traffic management and security. It's truly truly ignorant and down right "red neck" for Tyler Brothers to ignore this pandemic in the name of commerce and profit. I'm betting there were 200 or 300 people there at any given time. Not one of them that I saw were remotely practicing any safe health measures, much less social distancing.

I think Tyler Brothers should be on the hook for any new outbreaks of the virus that stems from their auction. The public should be able to view the actual cost of local law endorsement time, equipment etc provided to them during the auction and the city of Maryville be paid for this.

Not only do these people just attend the auction, but they go in retail stores, restaurants and other places potentially contaminating them.

I have done business with Tyler Brothers before. I will never do business there again.

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