REGIONAL ACTIVE CASES: Week-by-Week Increase

This chart reflects the increase in active cases of COVID-19 in Blount and bordering counties in Tennessee on a week-by-week basis from Tuesday April 14 to Tuesday July 28 using numbers posted on the state's Dept. of Health website. The orange area is the region total combining active case sin Blount, Knox, Sevier, Loudon and Monroe counties. Each individual county is tracked with a colored line. During the safer-at-home order, the area had a low of 40 active cases on April 21 that tripled by June 2 to 178 following Memorial Day weekend.  In the two months since the number of active cases have increased by counts of 717 and 847 the last two weeks. Since June 30 Blount's active cases have increased by a factor of 10, jumping from 43 to 459.

Confirmed Cases (New cases added as of 8 a.m. Wednesday, July 29, according to the Tenn. Dept. of Health. Data reflects 4 p.m. Tuesday totals made available overnight after a state website problem that prevented posting totals was corrected)

Confirmed Cases (New cases added as of 3 p.m. Tuesday, July 28, according to the Tenn. Dept. of Health)

BLOUNT: 915 (+65) out of 13,680 (+456) tested

Deaths: 7 (0) | Recovered: 449 (+40) | Active: 459 (+25)

BORDERING COUNTIES: 5,683 (+227) | Knox: 3,337 (+97) | Loudon: 560 (+16) | Monroe: 289 (+18) | Sevier: 1,497 (+96)

Deaths: 44 (+4) | Recovered: 2,982 (+138) | Active: 2,657 (+85)

TENNESSEE: 99,044 (+2,555) out of 1,435,433 (+25,037) tested

Deaths: 999 (+21) | Recovered: 59,760 (+2,521) | Hospitalized: 4,372 (+92) | Active: 38,285 (+13)

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