Autumn Reflection

The band Autumn Reflection will rock Maryville on Saturday.

Sevierville-based band Autumn Reflection, along with In Service of Sound, will perform at 9 p.m. Saturday at Bluetick Tavern in downtown Maryville. The group consists of lead singer/guitarist Steve Cummings, lead guitarist Chris Gaumond, bassist Mike Flowers and drummer Justin Gunnels.

The band doesn’t stick with just one genre of rock music — the four-piece draws on a range of genres, from Southern rock to metal, and some of its influences include Alice in Chains, Breaking Benjamin, Sevendust and A Perfect Circle.

“We go up and down the rock music spectrum,” Cummings said. “We have heavy songs and we have a few that are (rock-infused) inspirational ballads. We have been on rock/rap bills and played with nu metal bands. Whatever feels good is the music we play. One band I really like is Staind, which is a good example of how we play. However, we don’t go as far as performing country music.”

The band formed in 2013 as a hard rock three-piece in Sevierville. The original founders were Cummings and Gunnels.

“The project began out of love and passion for playing music, and telling stories that are met with emotion and personal growth,” Cummings said. “The lineup has changed since we began. Gaumond joined around four years ago, and Mike is the newest member of the band. Now we have the perfect creative chemistry that drives our music.”

The band’s self-titled first studio EP will be released this summer. Cummings said it was a journey that was around 18 months in the making.

“It was a long process,” he said. “Our drummer started writing (18 months ago) and we just finished recording last Sunday. We still have many things to work out such as the CD release party and general promotion.”

Cummings said the band’s favorite song off the new EP is titled “Crumble,” which was written by all four members.

“The song has a dark, heavy groove to it,” he said. “The band worked on the song piece-by-piece. You can really tell the difference when we perform it on the stage. Everyone has a part that they have their soul in. We wanted to express our emotions as a group. If just one person writes all the songs, the other members will start to feel like it’s just another job instead of creating (art).”

Another song Cummings is proud of is “Watch this Life Begin,” which he described as an intensely personal piece.

“It is heavy but with an uplifting melody,” he said. “When I wrote it, I was coming from hard times. The song looks at the mistakes we make and then having the chance to begin again.”

From Sevierville they come! The rockers in Autumn Reflection bring their seasoned rock ’n’ roll recipe to Bluetick Tavern in Maryville on Saturday.

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