Austin Green

Maryville Police Officer Austin Green will open Crumpet Family Manor to the public on Saturday.

Don’t accept a dinner invitation from the Crumpet family — you are on the menu!

The home haunt Crumpet Family Manor will open Saturday at 2501 Cecelia Ave. in Maryville. The attraction is presented by ACE Haunted Attractions, owned and operated by Maryville Police patrolman Austin Green.

“I have always been into haunted houses and scary movies,” Green said. “I started helping with a haunt when I was 12. I started my own haunt last year. It was unlike anything else I have experienced. Once you have a haunt, you fall in love with it.”

The theme last year was “The Trail of Death.” Visitors were investigators that stumbled across a trail covered with blood and bodies. This year the theme revolves around a flesh-eating family back from the dead.

“The Crumpets were cannibals that kidnapped people from town they lived in,” Green said. “Police investigated but before arrests could be made, the family committed suicide. The Crumpets come back from the grave every year to find new victims.”

The haunted trail is around 1,200 square feet. It goes inside a few tight areas and opens up to large spaces outside.

“Anything can happen when you are outside in the dark,” Green said. “The trail gives off an open-air feeling. In my opinion, it adds more creepiness to the scare factor. You don’t know if you are being stalked or what will jump out of the darkness.”

The haunt has a “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” vibe on purpose, he added.

“I want people to feel like they are being chased through the woods in a (rural area),” Green said. “Victims, I mean guests, can expect to run into members of the Crumpet family, jump scares, and what haunt would be complete without a few chainsaws?”

If the haunted trail sounds too traumatic for those faint of heart, adjustments can be


“People can inform workers at the ticket booth that they don’t want to be really scared at the haunt,” Green said. “We will tone it down and keep it from being too scary, but we will still be in character.”

Admission to the haunt is free, yet donations are accepted. Cash donations will be used to help pay for the attraction’s electricity and other costs. Canned donations will be given to the God’s Ministry Kitchen.

“The charity helps provide hot meals for homeless and hungry people,” Green said. “It is a great cause and we appreciate any canned goods people can donate.”

Green likes the idea of making ACE Haunted Attractions a family business.

“My wife Felicia always helps with the haunt,” Green said. “The horror stuff isn’t exactly her niche, but she does work the ticket booth. We have two daughters, ages 2 and 3. The plan is when they turn around age 5 that they can start helping me scare people.”


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