"Circus After Dark"

Circus After Dark will present two shows at Dragonfly Aerial Circus and Arts Studio.

This weekend will showcase those who dare to dance in the air. “Circus After Dark,” presented by the Dragonfly Aerial Circus and Arts Studio, will be held Friday and Saturday night at the group’s building and studio in Knoxville.

“This is the second year for the event,” performer and instructor Jake Weinstein said. “The first year of the show was fantastic. We had positive feedback and the show was sold out.”

Keep the young ones at home, he cautioned.

“The show isn’t for kids, but there isn’t anything vulgar or obscene about it,” Weinstein said. “Last year, we decided to have an adult-oriented circus. It has a burlesque flavor and gives us a chance to do something different to celebrate the beauty of the human body.”

Performers will dangle in the air by various means and methods, he added.

“We will have chains, silks, the lyra (circular steel hoop suspended by a cable or cord) and the trapeze,” Weinstein said. “There will be 10 acts in the show. We will have a few things from classic vaudeville and fire performances, which includes fire juggling and fire breathing.”

The air dancers make the performances look easy, yet hanging upside down with only silks wrapped around your body is not an easy task, he pointed out.

“We have classes several times each week,” Weinstein said. “Some of the performers are instructors at our dance school.”

Dragonfly Aerial is a nonprofit that has existed for nine years.

“We are a circus and performance school,” Weinstein said. “We believe in circus for everybody. We encourage people of all ages and body types to participate. We have classes for all ages. Every month we have a circus extravaganza that is family friendly, and most of our events are family shows. Dragonfly Aerial is very active. We perform in the community, events, schools and various other venues.”

Interest for the event is soaring as both weekend performances are almost sold out.

“We expect to have a full house,” Weinstein said.

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