Things that dwell in the shadows will terrorize the unwary as AMS Haunted Attractions presents two events this Halloween season — The Phobia Hotel at 3661 E. Lamar Alexander Parkway and The Barn at Maple Lane Maze, 1126 Maple Lane, Greenback.

“Last year was AMS’ first haunt (haunted house),” co-owner Austin Green said. “We had it at the East Lamar Alexander Parkway location. The crowd was great, much better than what we expected considering we had restrictions due to the pandemic. The feedback from attendees was very positive.”

People that enjoyed the haunt last year can double the thrills and chills this year. “We have the challenge of hosting two haunts during the weekends,” Green said.

Each haunt will have a unique theme with different actors. “The Phobia Hotel consists of tight, enclosed spaces, and has several jump scares.” Green said. “The unpredictability of the outdoors and open spaces are (the key elements) for The Barn. The Barn itself is very ominous — it is just resting there in the middle of nowhere.”

Admission to the first AMS haunt was free last year. This year AMS is charging at both. “Due to the cost of electricity and other expenses, we had to start charging this year,” Green said. “Tickets are not expensive. We wanted to make sure the price was low in order to make it easier for members of the to experience the haunts without spending a small fortune.”

Another big change pertains to small children and toddlers. “For the sake of safety, any child that cannot walk without assistance will not be allowed to go through the haunt; this includes infants who have to be carried or have to be placed in a stroller. Individuals with very young children can split up and take turns watching the child. Adults that need to do this will not lose their place in line.”

The Phobia Hotel

The lore of The Phobia Hotel involves a madman, who calls himself Dr. Phobia, who is obsessed with studying phobias by using living subjects. He “opened” the hotel as a cover to lure victims into rooms geared to install fear.

“Phobia is a really cool and fun experience,” actor Caleb Sexton said. “There is a specific phobia in every room. Most of them are common phobias such as the fear of the dark, tight spaces, fire, snakes and spiders.”

Those who fear clowns can expect to see Bronco The Clown, portrayed by Caden Busser, the supervisor of makeup and costumes. “We try to terrify people by tapping into their phobias, while at the same time making sure they are entertained.”

The Phobia Hotel will be open from 7:30-10:30 p.m. every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in October. Admission is $10.

The Barn

The journey to The Barn begins with a hayride that travels to an old path. From there, guests must walk through the eerie countryside until they reach a barn that looks abandoned. The Barn seems quiet at first, and then literally all hell breaks loose. Survivors return to Maple Lane Maze via the hayride.

“We are thrilled with having our second haunt at Maple Lane,” Green said. “The corn maze has been popular for years and The Barn adds even more scares to the overall experience.”

Visitors pay $20 to endure the terror of The Barn. “There is a separate charge for the haunt, and we have done our best to make sure customers get their money’s worth. Also, the hayride is a nice touch and isn’t something typically found at a haunt.”

The Barn will be open from 7:30-10 p.m. every Friday and Saturday in October. The venue also will also be open on Halloween night.

For more information, go to the website or Facebook at AMS Haunted Attractions — AMC Entertainment LLC.

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