A wishbone, and maybe a person’s arm, could be pulled this weekend as Knoxville Area Professional Organized Wrestling (KAPOW) presents Thanksgiving Thunder at 7 p.m. Saturday at Roberts Recreation Center.

The promotion has occurred off and on since 2007. Earlier this year, KAPOW came back to K-Town and now has a show every month.

“We strive to present quality wrestling talent to the fans,” KAPOW co-owner Donovan Daniels said. “I really feel that KAPOW has a good show. I hear complaints about others, but I have never really heard that about our promotion. We get nothing but compliments after every show, and that means a lot. We feel pride for the product that we put out there for the public.”

Donovan Daniels said fans make KAPOW wrestling stand out. “Our entire fanbase is crazy, and I mean that in a good way. They will bring streamers to throw for their favorite wrestlers, and they will throw toilet paper at wrestlers they don’t like. They also use confetti cannons.”

At 6 feet 5 inches and 320 pounds, wrestler Shane Daniels doesn’t let much bother him. However, he said that many people can get really stressed during this time of the year.

His advice? “I think people should get their minds off the holidays by going to a wrestling show. Wrestling fans will enjoy Thanksgiving Thunder. If you look at the card, any of the matches could be a main event,” he said.

Daniels is set to take on bilateral amputee wrestler Dustin Thomas, who appeared at All Elite Wrestling (AEW) in a battle royale earlier this year.

The KAPOW championship will be on the line as Chase Jordan, Kenzie Paige Henry, Gustavo Aguilar and Shane Andrews battle in a four-person ladder match.

“Andrews has been on point during the last few months in KAPOW,” Shane Daniels said. “He really is very underrated and should be in bigger promotions. Henry represents several women in wrestling that are (shining for) their wrestling ability. Back in the day, women wrestlers were treated like they were just for show. Now some of the women are killing it and showing they can hang with the male wrestlers in the ring.”

The identical Tate Twins will take on the rough-and-tumble tag team known as The Ugly Ducklings. “The twins have a great deal of talent,” Donovan Daniels said. “Next month they will have a tryout with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).”

Other matches scheduled include Aaron Williams taking on Matt Gilbert, the masked wrestler known as Menace competing against Cashflo, and Jeff Connelly defending the Hard Knox title against Cabana Man Dan.

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