Summoner's Circle

Summoner’s Circle — Frix2 (from left), Absalon, Gog, Blind, Y’Takt and Hex (not pictured is touring/live drummer Drøm) — will celebrate the release of “Become None” on Friday in Knoxville.

Incantations and hard-hitting melodies will be offered to the metal masses Friday night at The Concourse, compliments of Summoner’s Circle. The band will celebrate the worldwide release of its album “Become None.”

“It is a re-release of our previous album ‘Tome,’” lead guitarist Gog said. “We have repackaged the album with new artwork, and we have added a bonus track. It is our first album through Pavement Entertainment.”

Summoner’s Circle comprises Gog, Frix2 (drums), Absalon (rhythm guitar), Blind (vocals), Y’Takt (bass), Hex (keyboards), and touring drummer Drom. The group uses a gimmick that combines fantasy and heavy metal. The members wear robes and face paint, and always stay in character while in costume. A volunteer is “sacrificed” at the beginning of each performance. The band plays songs that Blind refers to as incantations.

Lately, radio stations throughout the country and beyond have picked up the incantations.

“The first week the album was released, it was available to radio stations (that play metal),” Gog said. “Depending on which chart you looked on, we were the No. 1 or No. 2 most added metal band on radio stations. One day we were on the No. 1 spot with Rammstein. All of this doesn’t mean the radio stations are going to play our music, but it does mean they have it and can play it.”

The Concourse is a type of homecoming for Summoner’s Circle. The band recently did a 13-show tour with Children of Bodom, Swallow the Sun and Wolfheart.

“It was ridiculously awesome,” Blind said. “Swallow the Sun is one of my all-time favorite bands. We played four dates in Canada and the other nine along the (Eastern seaboard). Our last show was in New York City.”

Absalon was very pleased with the New York show.

“I think it was one of the best shows I have played in my life,” Absalon said. “We had a great show in New York. Most people didn’t know who we were, and then they are yelling for us to do an encore. Now we are going to follow that up with a hometown (album) release party. Things are really working out well for us.”

Playing with Summoner’s Circle at The Concourse are Knoxville-area bands Absent from the Body and Warclown.

“We know and respect both bands,” Absalon said. “It all makes for a great vibe, and you can feel the electricity in the air. It will be a great night of metal.”

The band is scheduled to play several shows this summer, with one of the standouts being the 20th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos, July 31 through Aug. 3, in Springville, Indiana. The event will be hosted by the Insane Clown Posse (ICP).

“I have been following ICP since the late 1990s, and I went to the second annual Gathering,” Y’Takt said. “Earlier this year I got somebody on the phone that turned out to be a higher-up at Psychopathic Records. I sent in music and a few links. I sold him the band and got the gig. It all just lined up.

“ICP is all about accepting things that are unusual. The show should be very accepting of us in costume. This is a show where several fans (also known as Juggalos) put on makeup and dress up. You can be weird as an individual and have fun while doing it.”

The future will see Blind and the other band members thrashing in front of the Fortress of Faith in a music video for the song titled “Chaos Vector.” The castle, located in Greenback, was the prominent fixture in the video, filmed last January. However, don’t expect to watch it anytime soon.

“Right now we are focusing on ‘Become None,’” Gog said. “The song ‘Chaos Vector’ will be on the next album. It is still waiting for the final edit. We haven’t even finished the final track. In January, we were using pre-production tracks. The footage I have seen looks amazing, and it will definitely be released.”

The incantations continue to work magic for Summoner’s Circle, the members added.

“We will soon have news about several things regarding the band and shows,” Blind said. “We have to wait until everything is set (in stone) before we make any announcements. When we do, it should get some people excited.”

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