Alcoa commissioners on Tuesday moved forward plans to annex another portion of land into the city limits as it also considered resident concerns and two service agreements.

Alcoa commissioners voted unanimously to pass on first reading an ordinance annexing and then rezoning land on Topside Road.

The annexation is the second in recent months. Recently, the city moved to approve the annexation of what will is left of the Pine Lakes Golf Course after a large portion of the property was taken for construction of Pellissippi Parkway off-ramps.

Owned by Steve Cable and Johnny Shore, the new property set to be added into Alcoa city limits is 5.66 acres and will be rezoned from retail and industrial to general business district “E.”

Property tax maps show Cable and Shore also own two other parcels of land close to the one currently undergoing annexation.

It is surrounded by land already within the city limits.

Though the area will be zoned for business, City Planner Jeremy Pearson said in an interview he’s not sure what the owners plan to do with the land.

“We’ve never been presented with any plans for it,” he said. “I understand people have looked at it for storage-type uses, but it’s unclear whether that will come to be or not.”

Explaining the city’s policy on annexation, Pearson said the decision to add land is dependent on the request of the owner. “If you are in our growth territory ... and we can get to you and attach to you, then we’ll bring you in if it’s feasible.”

Pearson said some land owners and developers do not want their property annexed because of Alcoa’s property taxes.

“When you look at most commercial developments ... they need city services: they need sewer ... but also fire service. The county may not have (the services they need) so that’s why they want to come into the city.”

He added the city does not discriminate between business and residential zoning when they annex land, but commercial zoning is often easier to work with because they have more resources to comply with the city’s requirements. “But it’s on a case-by-case basis,” Pearson said.

The ordinance to annex the property will have to pass a second reading before it becomes a resolution the city can pass.

Neighborhood Concerns

The Board of Commissioners also heard concerns from several citizens on a variety of issues.

Maple Street residents Laura and Jeff Mohr discussed issues with a commercial vehicle with bullet holes in it. The van has been parked on their street for an extended period of time, the Mohrs said, regardless of the no-parking sign posted.

Laura Mohr said the couple has confronted their neighbors about the issue and called Alcoa police but that they had seen no significant action.

City Manager Mark Johnson said the city would address the issue.

Poplar Street resident Marianne Mabry and Locust Street resident Holly Scarlett asked commissioners about speeding issues in their neighborhood.

Mabry wanted to know not only when her street would be repaved but if there was a possibility of getting speed bumps.

She said she had called about getting the bumps and was told she would have to get signatures from the entire street. She said people speed down the road far too often and she is concerned for the neighborhood’s safety.

Director of Public Works & Engineering Shane Snoderly said if city engineers received signatures, they would take a look at the situation, but also said heightened speed enforcement in the area may be a solution.


Alcoa commissioners also approved two agreements with local service providers.

Following in the footsteps of Maryville, they passed on first reading an ordinance to extend an agreement with Atmos Energy, a natural gas provider throughout the county.

The agreement locks the city into a 20-year term, five years longer than their former contract with the company which started in August of 2004.

Other than the time extension, there are no changes to the agreement, notes for the ordinance show.

Commissioners also approved authorization for an agreement with Spectrum Southeast LLC to allow the company the ability to attach wires, cables and appliances to the city’s utility poles.

In other action Tuesday, the board of commissioners:

• Approved the termination of a 10-year lease with American Youth Soccer Organization for vacant property along Universal Street

• Authorized a new certificate of compliance for Topside LLC, a retail package liquor store at 2037 Topside Road

• Passed on first reading an ordinance amending title 14 of the municipal code regarding off-street parking and accessible parking spaces

• Reappointed William C. Cochran to the Alcoa Board of Zoning Appeals for a three-year term

• Reappointed Bruce D. Damrow to the Alcoa Stormwater Board of Appeals for a three-year term.

• Reappointed Bill Henegar, Mike Pasqua and Don Adsit to the Alcoa Construction Board of Adjustment and Appeals for four-year terms.

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