Law enforcement chased, Tased and arrested a 20-year-old Alcoa man who officers said was seen repeatedly hitting a female passenger while driving down Wrights Ferry Road on Sunday.

Deontrey Rashaad Grady, Holloway Street, was taken into custody by Blount County Sheriff’s deputies with the assistance of Alcoa Police around 2:30 p.m. He faces charges of domestic assault, evading arrest, tampering with evidence, reckless endangerment and possession of a firearm during a dangerous felony.

Blount County Sheriff’s Office said deputies received notification from the Blount County Communications Center that there was a domestic assault in progress in a blue sedan on Topside Road.

After receiving the call, deputies located the car just before the Wrights Ferry and Mentor roads intersection. Once close enough to the blue Chevy Cobalt to see through the windows, deputies said they observed the driver striking a female passenger.

Deputies turned on lights and sirens but the car failed to stop and continued to travel down Wrights Ferry Road toward Airport Highway at about 40 mph.

At this time, Alcoa Police Department joined the chase, a report states.

“APD officers joined in the pursuit due to the nature of the call, the safety of the passenger in the car that was still being assaulted, the fact it was reasonable to believe that the passenger would not be able to remove herself from a seriously dangerous situation without law enforcement assistance and there only being one BCSO deputy with no back-up at the time,” the APD report said.

An Alcoa Police officer blocked the Chevy Cobalt by pulling in front of it when it was forced to stop while merging onto Airport Highway due to traffic, the APD report said.

At this point, the driver, identified as Grady, exited the car and was walking toward officers in an “aggressive and antagonistic way,” an APD report said.

The BCSO report stated that Grady “kicked open the door and began yelling and making threatening gestures by swinging his arms, grabbing at his clothing and hitting himself in an apparent attempt to provoke a fight.”

According to the APD report, Grady failed to put his hands up and lie on the ground despite officers repeatedly instructing him to.

At this time, APD officers “fired the taser and struck Grady in the upper right shoulder area and the right lower back area.”

APD said it checked on Grady, who refused medical attention, and seemed to be medically stable. BCSO deputies then placed Grady under arrest and searched him, finding a 9-mm bullet in one of his pockets. Deputies questions Grady who denied he had a weapon.

After Grady was in custody, officers spoke to the female passenger who informed officers that Grady had thrown a gun out of the car window. She took officers to the spot where Grady threw the gun out and officers recovered a Taurus G2C 9mm, which matched the bullet found in Grady’s pocket.

She said that she and Grady were in an argument over a pair of pants when he grew angry and started “swinging his arms and striking the inside of the vehicle,” the BCSO report said.

The female passenger was released with the vehicle and “advised of her rights under the Tennessee Domestic Violence Laws,” according to the BCSO report.

During the incident, the Chevy Cobalt rolled into an APD patrol car. Minimal damage was caused to both.

Grady is being held in lieu of a $100,000 bond pending a 9 a.m. hearing on Nov. 7 in Blount County General Sessions Court.

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