A Blount County grand jury has indicted on 22 charges an Alabama man accused of using romance ads on Craigslist to lure and kill a 70-year-old Tallassee man.

Timothy Ray Walker, also known as Timothy Ray Havelka, was indicted Monday on counts of criminal homicide, along with felony theft and forgery charges for allegedly stealing Foltz’s truck and using Foltz’s credit cards.

The events are supposed to have taken place in summer 2017.

Walker, 53, has been linked by investigators to numerous ads posted on Craigslist throughout the Southeast seeking companionship from an “older man” with “no family ties.”

Dennis Allan Foltz, who recently had moved to Tallassee, responded to one such ad and went missing shortly afterward. His body was discovered buried on his own property a year later. He had been shot twice in the back of the head.

Prosecutors in court last summer also introduced emails between the two, mentioning plans to meet up in Tallassee. The emails show Walker, calling himself “Dave,” asking Foltz about the size of his house, as well as how close his neighbors are.

Walker is also accused of forging paperwork to sell Foltz’s truck, as well as using Foltz’s checkbook to pay an excavation crew to dig a large hole on Foltz’s property — where Foltz’s body later was found.

Walker also was indicted Monday on two counts of violating the sex offender registry and one count of committing perjury on the sex offender registration form.

Police records show Walker was placed on the sex offender registry in Florida in 2016 following a conviction for crossing state lines to meet a minor for sex.

Other indictments

The grand jury also indicted Sandra Lucille Inman, 63, Knoxville, on counts of theft, removal of a transmitting collar and violating the Hunter Protection Act.

The charges stem from an incident in November last year, during which Inman allegedly caught and stole a dog belonging to a Maryville hunter near the Foothills Parkway. The dog, which was on an active bear hunt, was wearing a GPS collar and regular collar, both of which had the owner’s name and phone number on them. Those collars were found in a dumpster.

Inman is accused of taking the dog to the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter and saying it was a stray.

The grand jury also indicted:

• Michael Lynn Hill, 32, Wilson Road, Maryville; indicted on charges of possession of methamphetamine and intent to sell near a school zone stemming from an Aug. 31, 2018, incident.

• Calvin Lydell Dibrell, 56, Knoxville; driving on charges of a suspended license and resisting arrest stemming from a July 7, 2018, incident.

• Kiefer Scott Robinson, 26, Shasta Road, Maryville; indicted on charges of theft under $1,000 from Walmart stemming from an Oct. 7, 2018, incident.

• Brooke Lee Ann Almond, 25, Abbey Way, Friendsville; indicted on charges of simple possession of marijuana as well as possession of drug paraphernalia stemming from a Nov. 10, 2017, incident.

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