Darron Marcus Lee Sellers

Darron Marcus Lee Sellers

An 18-year-old Maryville man who witnesses claimed threatened to shoot students and staff at William Blount High School has been charged with an unrelated false bomb threat.

Darron Marcus Lee Sellers, 18, Pine Grove Way, was arrested after three witnesses told Blount County Sheriff’s Office deputies that Sellers said he was going to “take a 9 mm gun to William Blount High School and shoot all the students and staff he didn’t like at the stadium,” according to a BSCO incident report.

All witnesses interviewed by BSCO deputies said they felt unsafe because of Sellers’ statements. They also claimed they were concerned Sellers would follow through with his threats.

One witness claimed Sellers sells drugs to students at WBHS and also made a comment about bringing a gun to school to prove he was a drug dealer.

According to the report, witnesses said they heard Sellers threaten to “blow up his kitchen at his residence.”

Deputies went to Sellers’ home on Oct. 4 and arrested him on charges of making a false bomb threat.

False bomb threats refer to any charges regarding explosives or firearms.

Sellers told them he never said he had a gun but did admit to selling drugs.

“To my knowledge, no threats were made to any students or staff at William Blount High School,” the arresting deputy wrote in the report.

Sellers’ father told deputies the 18-year-old is a “habitual liar with severe mental health issues” due to extensive drug use. He further explained his son refuses to take prescribed medicine and seek counseling, the report said.

Sellers’ father told deputies he cannot force Sellers to do anything since he is a legal adult. He did, however, assure deputies his son had no access to weapons.

The Daily Times contacted Blount County Schools Communications Director Marla Holbert by phone. Holbert replied she had not been briefed on the situation and had no knowledge of what transpired.

Sellers is being held in lieu of a $10,000 bond pending a 9 a.m. hearing Oct.11 in Blount County General Sessions Court.

Shelby joined The Daily Times in 2019 as a reporter covering county government.

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