The Blount County Sheriff’s Office is warning citizens to not be fooled by a phone scam from someone pretending to be a law enforcement official.

BCSO received a report Tuesday from an individual who said they received a call from an individual claiming he was “Officer Hart with the Blount County Police Department,” according to a press release from the sheriff’s office. The caller told the individual they were scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday and needed to send money to avoid jail time.

“The individual knew this was a scam, and immediately ended the phone call,” the release states.

BCSO said it does not solicit money from phone calls, and will not ask for financial information over the phone. In addition, there is no one by the name of “Officer Hart,” and the agency is named Blount County Sheriff's Office, not police office.

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We would do well to educate our older relatives about these scams. I've told my mom and my in-laws to be on guard. Their real grandchildren will not call them claiming to be stranded in a foreign country, or held hostage by someone with whom they had a wreck. They haven't won anything in a lottery they didn't enter. The IRS is not going to arrest them, and doesn't accept Green Dot money cards as payment. The front desk of the hotel they just checked into will not call them and ask for their credit card number, claiming a system problem. Be vigilant!

I've heard about these fake police officer scam calls since years ago. People usually report similar scams at sites like and also social media websites. We should be very familiar with how these scammers work and keep spreading the word.

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