The Blount County Commission met for a Tuesday night workshop to determine what resolutions would come to vote at the county’s June commission meeting.

Commissioners first voted to advance a resolution on funding needed to move indigent billing for the remainder of the year for the circuit court clerk’s office.

They also advanced a grant application for greenway trail funding and a measure to establish a multi-year lease providing Chromebooks for Blount County Schools.

Commissioners also dealt with upcoming appointments for several positions.

They are set vote on two county government appointments next Thursday: Tom Stinnett to the position of Cable TV Authority and Jane Jenkins to the IT Committee.

Commissioner Steve Mikels also proposed the appointment of Andrew Sneed to the Ocoee River Regional Library Board of Trustees be postponed until next month’s meeting.

Blount County Library board of trustees member Susan Schneibel vocally opposed the delay adding it had been “a troubling few weeks for the library with the commission.”

The movement to postpone the appointment passed 14-6.

During time provided for public input, several Townsend residents spoke against the proposed removal of one of the two remaining swinging bridges in Townsend.

“That bridge should not be disassembled,” Townsend resident Steve Hall said, claiming that 20 years of maintenance for the bridge would cost the county as much as removing it.

The discussed resolutions will go to vote at the June 20 County Commission meeting, which will open to the public at 7 p.m.


Shelby joined The Daily Times in 2019 as a reporter covering county government.

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