Before Titus Satterfield received an award for good citizenship Thursday night, he gave his principal a thank-you card.

Titus was one of three students honored with the Alvin Hord Making a Difference Award from the Blount County Board of Education. The award is named for a longtime administrator who retired in 2009 and still reads to students in the schools.

Making a difference doesn’t mean accomplishing something grandiose but comes from daily sacrifices putting others first, Eagleton Middle School Principal Summer Russell said in recognizing Titus. “That’s what this young man does every single day.”

For example, when members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars came to the middle school to give eighth graders copies of the U.S. Constitution, Titus had written a card for veterans, personally thanking them for their service.

“Any day recognizing anybody, he has thank-you cards ready,” Russell said. The one he gave her that night said, “The best principal ever.”

“He lied,” she told the board with a laugh.

“Titus Satterfield is making a difference at Eagleton Middle School, in his family, in every circle of influence that he enters in,” Russell said, always thinking about how to brighten someone else’s day.

Alexis “Lexi” Trigg has been the top cadet in her class for four years in William Blount High School’s Air Force Junior ROTC program.

As the group commander this year, Lexi was in charge of more than 180 cadets and led them to meet a goal of completing more than 4,000 hours of community service, Col. Carmella Lawson told the board.

In the past four years, Lexi has completed more than 290 hours of community service herself.

Addison Willson, a fifth-grader at Rockford Elementary School, is “a wonderful role model of our school, our community and our school district,” Principal Chad Tipton told the school board.

“I knew exactly who I wanted to recommend for this,” Tipton said, referring to the honor roll student who also is on the safety patrol.

82 earn tenure

The board also granted tenure to 82 educators who have been with Blount County Schools for at least five years and received Level 4 or Level 5 evaluation scores.

Those receiving tenure are:

Carpenters Elementary School: Katrina Gravitte, Susan Karpick, Erin Metz, Jessica Sledge, Tessa Sparks and Kelly Jo Windle

Carpenters Middle School: Kendra Payne and Jordan Ridenour

Eagleton Elementary School: Chelsea Garner, Heather Harmon, Tabatha Lester, Melissa McLaughlin and Lydia Spencer

Eagleton Middle School: Patti Ferrell, Lindsay Haven and Julia Walker

Fairview Elementary School: Melissa Duckett, Kelsi Laverdiere, Kayla E. Ridenour and Lauren Williamson

Heritage High School: Jennifer Bayola, Keri Brown, Andrew Byrd, Amanda Clark, Lindy Hall, Jason Keeble, Stephanie Kirk, Dylan Morgan, Holly Morgan, Shannon Nelson, Olivia Parker, Joshua Tidwell and Holly Whitehead

Heritage Middle School: Julian Allen, James Jones, Lacy Little, Laurel Martin, Julie Pepperman and Amy Ray

Lanier Elementary School: Courtney Bailey

Mary Blount Elementary School: Stacey Hoxworth

Middlesettlements Elementary School: Christy Boone, Angela Davis and Danielle Sanchez

Porter Elementary School: Muffie L. Duggan

Prospect Elementary Schoo: Heather Byrd, K. Elise Davis, Julie Jenkins, Kimberly Lee, Kristen Mary, Emily Tucker and Kelly Zunich

Rockford Elementary School: Sherri Garrison and Kolloia Hallcox

Samuel Everett School of Innovation: Sandra Pack, Justin Ridge and Paul Wolf

Union Grove Elementary School: Sheri Bowles

Union Grove Middle School: Heather Grady and Jill Pugh

Walland Elementary School: Melanie Grant, Kristen Miles and Lisa Talley

William Blount High School: Daniel Chesery, Angela Garner, Beverly Green, Kimberly Jordan, Lorrie Nelson, Deanna Norris, Michele Owen, Wendy Petty, Joshua Philips, Philip Shadowens, Keith Shannon, Charles Slawson and James Wishart

Schoolwide: Tina Ford, Tina Hackney, Ashley Ridge, Daniel Washburn and Steven Whitehead

Central Office: Amanda Vance

In other action Thursday, the board approved allowing the director of schools and fiscal administrator to approve budget transfers within departments and inform the board monthly, instead of waiting for the board to vote on every transfer.

Troy Logan said during his 18 years in the finance role he did not recall the board ever denying such a transfer, and those budget transfers do not require approval from the Blount County Commission. The school board approved eight such transfers Thursday.

At the beginning of the meeting, Chair Debbie Sudhoff recognized Terry Tipton, who is retiring after serving as the school board’s secretary for 14 years.

Amy Beth earned her degree from West Virginia. She joined The Daily Times in 2016 on the education beat covering Alcoa, Maryville and Blount County school systems.

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