Blount County now has a current and active online seniors directory on its new website, Blount

The directory features information on a variety of topics, including how to avoid common scams, Medicare, reverse mortgages, living assistance, promotions and discounts and health and medical issues.

“Our mission is to present a comprehensive online resource directory to the citizens of Blount County, providing information related to assistance and lifestyle-specific issues for those over 50 years of age,” said Randy Carson, a private citizen who worked with the Blount County Office on Aging to create the directory.

“Contrary to the name of the website, you don’t have to be a senior to use or get value from the site. The site’s core mission is to help seniors, but many of us need the same resources, and it can also help the adult children of local seniors, who may not be in this area, to find resources in one place,” said Carson, founder of COBE Enterprise Inc., a health care analytics firm.

The directory includes current information about resources in the following areas:

• Health and medical: chiropractic, medical clinics, physicians, providers, dental and oral care, eye care, hearing, home health, hospice, hospitals, mental health, pharmacy, medical equipment, physical and occupational therapy and wellness.

• Professional: banking, funeral, final planning, legal, elder care law and wealth management.

• Living assistance: assisted living, skilled care, long-term care, home cleaning, mobile services, personal care and adult day care.

• Resources: activities and recreation, food delivery, home maintenance and remodeling, insurance, lawn and garden, moving and transition, pet needs, real estate, mortgage, estate settlements and transportation.

• Community resources: Numerous low/no cost public and private resources including helpful links to many nonprofits and resources on health and medical, taxes, telephone services, transportation and veterans assistance.

• There’s also a section called “Pay it Forward” with volunteer opportunities for those who want to give back; promotions and discounts available only through Blount Seniors; caregiving and elder care assistance; common scams; hiring in-home services; Medicare and Medicaid resources; Social Security; elder abuse and exploitation; legal; long-term care insurance; reverse mortgages; funeral planning; and housing.

Ultimately the seniors directly will include a blog; yesteryear in pictures, sponsored by The Daily Times; job board; marketplace; important phone numbers; technology solutions; healthy recipes; devotions; and healthy humor and quotes.

Carson said there also is a Facebook page (www.Face with daily posts about local events and resources.

“We encourage feedback and (information on) upcoming events for seniors and those who support seniors,” Carson said. “One of our primary objectives is to keep it current and relevant, so we need input from everyone to achieve this. Any ideas for improvement and suggestions for new information are also welcome. Please drop us an email with constructive input.”

Contact Carson at or 380-1806.

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