Adding two early voting locations since the last presidential preference primary proved to be successful as nearly 400 more Blount Countians voted early for the 2020 presidential primary.

The election commission added the Blount County Public Library as an early voting satellite location in the August 2016 state primary election. Nearly four years later, 2,298 Blount Countians cast their votes at the library — more voters than at any of the four other locations.

Providence Baptist Church in Seymour was added as a satellite location during the current election which occurred from Feb. 12 to Feb. 25.

Other early voters cast their ballots at the election commission office in the Blount County Courthouse, Pellissippi State Community College and the Everett Recreation Center.

Susan Knopf, Blount County’s administrator of elections, reported that no issues took place during early voting.

“Of course we wish more voters would have early-voted,” she said. “But we’re counting on voters to show up at the polls on Tuesday.”

Knopf also said that the new voting machines, which were at work for the first time, worked without error.

“The voters have overwhelmingly loved the new voting system,” she said. “All ages have had no problems casting their ballots.”

Altogether, 7,649 people participated in early voting in 2020 — 439 of those voters were absentee.

In the same election in 2016, some 7,499 Blount Countians, including 418 absentees, voted early.

For Blount Countians who have yet to vote, Knopf said they can check their polling place by calling the election commission or going to

Knopf also said if people have moved since the last election and wish to vote in current election, they will have to go to their new precinct to update their voter registration.

“Voters whose eligibility cannot be determined will cast their ballot with a green provisional ballot that will be counted once we’ve determined whether their vote can count,” she said.

On election day, voters will enter their designated precincts, show valid photo IDs and choose either Democratic or Republican ballots.

Voters will select a presidential candidate and several delegate candidates.

Blount County residents who choose a Republican ballot will also vote for Tim Helton or Todd Orr for Blount County Property Assessor.

Those who vote on Democratic ballots may cast write in votes for property assessor. Those votes will be counted in the Democratic primary. They will not impact the totals in the GOP race between Orr and Helton.

The polls will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. March 3.

This story has been updated to clarify information.

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