Home on Savannah Village Drive

This home on Savannah Village Drive in Maryville is where first responders responding to a fire found an 8-year-old boy and his father, both severely injured with gunshot wounds. Both died in the following hours. Police said the home is currently for sale.

A father and his young son, who were both part of Maryville City Schools, died Monday morning after what police are calling a murder-suicide at a Savannah Park home.

Maryville Police officers and Maryville firefighters responded to an emergency call around 9:26 a.m. after a man inspecting the home for an upcoming sale reported seeing smoke coming from the back of the structure and hearing an alarm, Police Chief Tony Crisp said.

When emergency responders arrived, police and fire breached the door and found a small fire in a bedroom where a 38-year-old man, later identified as James “Jimmy” Reagan, and his 8-year-old son were found in a bed. A statement also said first responders smelled a strong scent of gasoline in the room.

Both father and son had suffered gunshot wounds and were taken to Blount Memorial Hospital.

Reagan died at BMH and the boy was transported to the University of Tennessee Medical Center where he was pronounced dead around noon.

Crisp told reporters he believed the deaths were the result of a murder-suicide.

In a statement from Maryville City Schools, Communications Director Sharon Anglim confirmed that Reagan and his son had been a teacher and student in the school system, respectively.

Reagan taught first-grade at Foothills Elementary and had been with the system for 12 years, officials with the school confirmed.

The statement also expressed its sorrow for the mother and wife of the deceased who is also an employee in the system. “Our hearts are also broken for our colleague, friend, and the loving mother of this young victim,” the statement said.

The statement went on to say it will be offering counseling services for Foothills Elementary students at Montgomery Ridge Intermediate between 9 a.m. and noon today(Tuesday, June 11).

The investigation is ongoing and the statement from Maryville Police said investigators will be performing an autopsy of the father and son.

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