Edward Jackie Morgan

Edward Jackie Morgan appears at a Sept. 27 hearing where attorneys discussed video evidence in his case. His trial is set to begin Oct. 15.

The case of a Louisville man indicted in the 2018 kidnapping and beating of his girlfriend is set to go to trial in 10 days after attorneys recently discussed video evidence and gathered several witnesses for testimony.

Edward Jackie Morgan, 29, Mentor Road, was indicted in January on four counts of aggravated assault. Bond for the assaults was set at $50,000 each, and bond for simple domestic assault was set at $25,000.

Blount County Circuit Court Judge Tammy Harrington lowered Morgan’s bond for kidnapping from $250,000 to $100,000 in a March 20 hearing where the man’s behavior and rights in jail were also hotly contested by attorneys.

Now, Morgan’s attorney Rick Owens and the state’s representation, Tiffany Smith, are preparing the case to go before a jury.

Several hearings for Morgan’s case addressed complications and evidence under consideration including video that may relate to the case.

Owens said in a Sept. 27 hearing there was a video he needed to review but had not yet obtained.

“I wanted to make clear I had informed the court I would need additional time to prepare to try the case based upon a video, but I in no way wanted to infer that that was the defendant requesting additional time per speedy trial,” he said during the hearing.

Smith had filed a motion to continue the case the day before and she told Harrington she still wanted to move the case along because she didn’t know what the video contained.

“I have no idea what’s on that video,” Smith said. “I’m not 100 percent certain why the defense is even requesting that video ... it’s not involved in any matters that are set for trial ... I would renew my motion to continue the trial, simply because we’re not going to be prepared.”

“Let me pose this to you,” Harrington interjected, “What if there’s nothing on that video? ... I have this case set for Oct. 15 and I understand that there are rulings and issues and motions that have been filed, but I guess I would like to know if there’s nothing on that video that affects the trial one way or another, then I think it’s premature to continue the trial based on that. We don’t even know what it is.”

“Yes your honor,” Owens replied.

Harrington said that access to the video could be obtained if attorneys asked for it to be processed in the Blount County Justice Center. She then recessed the trial and, when attorneys returned, they confirmed the video was being processed.

Meanwhile, numerous subpoenas for testimony on behalf of the plaintiff have been issued, served and some have even been recalled as of Friday.

Both the state and the defense filed motions to continue the trial on Oct. 2.

The trial was set for Oct. 15 and may last a total of four days according to attorney’s estimates during September hearings.

The trial itself will revolve around Morgan’s actions during several instances of alleged assault that took place July 3, April 1 and Aug. 15 of 2018.

The most serious charges come from the July 3 incident in which Morgan’s girlfriend says she was held captive by the Morgan who also allegedly threatened someone with a machete.

Blount County Sheriff’s Office reports of the July incident show the girlfriend had numerous injuries after that night, including black eyes, injuries on her face, cigarette burns and cut and stab wounds.

She also reported Morgan had choked her and held her head under water.

Previous to 2018, Morgan had been charged with especially aggravated burglary.

He will turn 30 Sunday.

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