Officers arrested a Maryville woman in the parking lot of the Blount County Justice Center after Kroger employees in Alcoa said two women were “doing lines off of the baby changing table in the restroom,” a report states.

Alcoa Police officers charged Kirsten Marie Kelly, 28, with drug-related offenses after confirming she had warrants out of Blount County on contempt of court charges.

Officers came to Kroger, at 244 S. Hall Road, early Thursday after employees called about customers using narcotics in the women’s restroom, the report states.

The employees described what the two women looked like and knew Kelly’s name because the other woman had requested that Kelly be paged to the front of the store. The report also stated that the other woman said she was in a rush to get to her court hearing.

After getting statements from the employees at Kroger, the officer went to the Justice Center and allegedly found Kelly sitting in the passenger side of the other woman’s car, while she was inside the courthouse.

Officers got verbal approval to search Kelly’s purse and allegedly found a plastic baggie and a folded piece of paper that Kelly said was heroin. Officers also found two bent, metal spoons, one with reside, that the report states is consistent with narcotic usage.

Kelly was charged with possession of a Schedule I drug and paraphernalia. She is being held on a $12,250 bond, pending hearings on Sept. 20 and 23.

After searching the other woman’s vehicle, the report states she was released without charge.

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Well, @crimedawg, Cocaine isn't an opioid, and this isn't Marsha Blackburn's fault. However, the real crime is this headline. Since when is drug slang acceptable as a newspaper headline? How about "Two arrested for cocaine use in grocery store restroom."


Uh. the article pointed out that it was heroin. Heroin is a schedule 1 drug that has no medical benefit. Marsha had a lot to do with the opioid crisis if you would do a little research.


Somehow, and I don't know how, an addict doesn't need jail but treatment but the government that allowed the opioid pandemic doesn't see it that way.

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