Property owners at the Hamilton Crossing Shopping Center are suing two retail stores for not paying more than a combined $152,000 in rent.

Complaints filed in Blount County Chancery Court on Monday show ALCOA HC, LP — a business headquartered in Houston — is suing DICK’S Sporting Goods and Old Navy for unpaid rent.

Documents state both stores are supposed to pay rent on the first day of each month but that after letters sent April 8, May 4 and June 12, no money was forthcoming. “Tenants failed and refused to pay landlord the amounts due and owing,” the complaints stated.

As of July 31, DICK’S owed $68,333.34 and Old Navy $84,451.65, the complaints state. These debts are in addition to “costs, fees and expenses as due under the lease.”

Attached to both complaints is a letter from Franklin-based Thompson Burton Attorneys at Law. They state the landlord is now entitled to “exercise all legal and equitable remedies available to it under the lease, at law or in equity” and repeatedly points out the tenants are in default.

“None of the tenant’s obligations under the lease have been waived,” the letter states.

The attached letters also list amounts owed to ALCOA HC that are different and lower than the amounts shown in the complaints.

The Daily Times called Chandler Farmer, an associate attorney with Thompson Burton, with questions about the company’s potential relationship with ALCOA and the discrepancy between amounts said to be owed in the letters and the complaints.

Chandler refused to answer any questions.

The complaints show ALCOA HC bought the stores’ premises from Hamilton Crossing I, LLC in 2007 and 2008.

In April, reports emerged about a number of large retail companies, including DICK’S, that planned to forego rent payments, citing economic strains caused by COVID-19.

The Daily Times also reached out to Old Navy and DICK’S representatives for comment, but neither responded by press time.

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