The Louisville area was shaken by a 2.7-magnitude earthquake Monday night, and while many residents felt the effects, the tremor apparently left no damage.

The United States Geological Survey website shows the earthquake was recorded off Old Lowes Ferry Road in the Beulah Drive area at 10:42 p.m.

While Blount County firefighters were called to a report of a natural gas leak on nearby Ridge Water Road two minutes later, they found no evidence of a gas leak and determined the call was unrelated to the earthquake. There were no other reports of damage or problems associated with the quake, officials said.

“Other than that, I didn’t hear anything,” said Blount County Emergency Management Agency Director Lance Coleman. “But we had several people that said they felt their house shake and whatnot, but other than that, no damage.”

Blount County Fire Capt. Kermit Easterling, who resides off Channel Drive, was one of the many residents who felt the earthquake. Easterling said he was in his bathroom brushing his teeth when it rolled through.

‘Boom, boom, boom’

“All of a sudden I heard a ‘boom, boom, boom’ and the house shook and sounded just like a tree limb had fallen on the roof,” Easterling said. “And I’ve actually got a tree that’s dying out front and I thought, ‘Oh, the tree’s falling down on my roof.’”

Easterling said it only lasted a few seconds. But it was long enough to make him think a tree was down. When he went outside and realized that wasn’t the case, he knew an earthquake was to blame. Several neighbors were outside talking about it as well, he said. Everyone he and his wife have spoken to since said they had a similar experience.

“Everyone kind of thought the same thing — tree on the house,” Easterling said.

Crime and courts reporter for The Daily Times.

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