A Maryville man was arrested on multiple charges Thursday after allegedly allowing his full-grown pit bull to attack a puppy.

Bradley T. Dixon, 31, Teffeteller Lane, Maryville, was charged with aggravated assault, felony reckless endangerment, cruelty to animals, and having a dog at large. He was released on a total $5,500 bond pending a Nov. 25 hearing.

According to Blount County Sheriff’s Office reports, the arrest stems from an Oct. 30 incident in which a woman on Norwood Village Lane said that she and a friend were walking her 5-month-old puppy, Kona, when Dixon’s pit bull escaped from its leash across the street and attacked the smaller dog.

The woman said she was bitten on the ankle trying to break the dogs apart. She reported said that Dixon “casually” walked over and secured his dog as the attack progressed.

When her friend, also a Maryville resident, asked Dixon for his name and address, she said Dixon was uncooperative, cursing at her. Then he let his dog go again, she said, and watched for a moment before securing the animal and going back across the street.

Reports said two other witnesses saw most of the incident, corroborating the women’s account of the event.

A deputy spoke to Dixon via phone a few days after the incident. Reports said he was “very uncooperative,” and denied that he had allowed his dog to attack. He ultimately hung up on the deputy, reports said, saying that his accusers “would have to take him to court” if they wanted recompense for vet and doctor bills.

Deputies reported that they responded to a call about Dixon on Thursday, and arrested him on outstanding warrants from the October incident.

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