A Maryville truck driver was found dead in his dump truck inside a Greenback rock quarry Tuesday night.

Gary Michael “Mike” Bowman, 45, Trigonia Road, Maryville, was found at about 8:30 p.m. inside the gates of 411 Crushed Stone, 6220 U.S. Highway 411. The quarry is just over the line in Loudon County.

Bowman’s mother, Pam Hill, who is a newspaper carrier for The Daily Times, said the last time she talked to her son was by phone at 2 p.m. Tuesday.

The quarry has a long driveway and two barns on the property. Hill said when she last talked to her son, he was in one of the barns. The truck was parked inside the main road into the quarry, she added. He was waiting for someone who needed a load of rock.

“The truck sat there from the time I talked to him until he was found dead inside the truck,” she said.

Hill told her son she had gone fishing that morning and he said he had wanted to go also.

“All at once he quit talking to me,” she said, thinking she had lost the phone signal. “I didn’t think anything of it.”Bowman’s girlfriend later called and said he had not come home from work when he was due around 5:30 p.m. The girlfriend said she had texted him and called and called, Hill said.

“I tried to call him and couldn’t get him. I called his boss and talked to him about him not coming home,” she added.

The supervisor said he had called Mike at 4 p.m. but got no response. He said he would go to the quarry and check on him.

Mike’s brother, Brent Bowman, another truck driver, told his mother he “saw the truck sitting there as he went in and out. He didn’t stop to check on the truck, either,” Hill said.

She called her other son, Chris Hill, and told him to get over to the quarry as quickly as possible.

“He got there about the same time as the boss and they found Mike sitting in the seat with his sunglasses on and hat on and his cigarettes in his pocket,” Hill said.

He was reaching over the seat and his cell phone had fallen on the floor of the truck, she said.

Hill said Mike Bowman may have died of a massive heart attack because he had trouble with his blood pressure. His body was taken to University of Tennessee Forensics Center for an autopsy.

Calls to the Loudon County Sheriff’s Office were not returned.

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