The third time is the charm. After having to cancel Marble City Comicon at two venues earlier this year, promoters said the event will be held this weekend at Music Road Hotel and Convention Center in Pigeon Forge.

“Fans, vendors and guests have been so patient with us and we appreciate it,” Marble City event coordinator Zachary Houk said. “With this show, Marble City is going back to the basics — we started with (hotel/convention) shows. The event will be smaller than originally planned, yet we will still have celebrity guests, artists and over 30 vendors.”

Guests scheduled to appear include former heavyweight boxer/wrestler Butterbean (Eric Scott Esch), actress/model/artist Briana Lamb (“Insurgent,” “Taken 3” and “Notorious”), actor Patrick Miller (“Maximum Overdrive,” “Raw Deal” and “Terror in the Night”), pinup model Rose Marie Machario, professional cosplayer Bewitched Raven, comic artist Dan Fraga (“He-Man and The Masters of The Multiverse”), artist Terry Collier, animator/artist Richard Green (Disney’s animated “Beauty and the Beast”), stained glass artisan Donovan Leonard, and authors Stephen J. Semones, Hector Miray, E.G. Rowley and R. Kyle Hanna.

Storyboard artist and script writer Robert Lamb, known for his work on “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” (1983-85) and “She-Ra: Princess of Power” (1985), also will muscle his way to Marble City Comicon this weekend.

Lamb is now a graphics designer but is getting more bookings at conventions as the days go by. “I used to do one convention each year and now I am doing at least six,” he said. “I sign a lot of scripts and storyboards at the conventions. People still love the show. I commonly hear somebody tell me that I made their childhood what it was through the animated series. They still want to connect with it.”

For more information about the animator and writer, go to robertartwrit

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